Zae Kinchen Is One Of Virginia's Hottest New Artists

Zae Kinchen Is One Of Virginia's Hottest New Artists

Zae Kinchen starting the new year off right with three hit songs for your playlist.


De-escalate. Day & Nite. WestEnd Girl.

I’ll admit it, at times I get a little to over excited with some of these Richmond, Virginia posts. But that’s because I believe within all of my heart that my hometown has some of the most talented artists to date that you’ve honestly never heard of.

From fashion to photography to art — and all the way back to Music.

"Zae always makes me feel like I'm in the spring season. No matter the weather, my headphones always feel like the sun is shining on me" said recording artist, JamesJumpOFF.

There is an unimaginably large wave running along the coast of Virginia, this wave is not a small up close ride, but one that sinks ships and destroys oceanic habitats but of the mass and volume that is molded together.

As weird as this sounds, the wave is calm. Moving from one side of the state to another as it influences and inspires one another to continue to be themselves.

This wave is simply the hard-earned energy that surrounds the state as a whole, also the energy that is inside every living creature in the state.

Specifically, in Virginia, one native does an amazing job of using their own wave to mold themselves and their music to the best of its abilities.

"The music speaks to our environment, it's what we grow up in. Sorta like the soundtrack of our lives. Zae is basically painting the pictures of our city." - photographer, Melvin Made

That one native is a longtime friend of Senclaire, Zae Kinchen from SoySauceRecords. Zae has been in my line of sight for a while due to his very laid back and transcending beat sounds and rap style, which I classify as “The sound of someone who lives in Virginia.”

"I'm not from Virginia, but I feel like I've been there all my life when I listen to Zae" - model, Kiera Starks

Zae returns to us with the memorial sound with new music titled “Rich Youth and Being Cool” a three-track song inspired by “How To Make It In America.”

Zae brings an excellent vibe back to us as we start off our new year with focused minds and VERY relaxed energy. Below you can stream this new single as well as follow Zae on his Twitter and Soundcloud pages for more news and updates on music.

We hope you enjoy!

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