YouTube Axes Shane Dawson's Paycheck Amid Tati-James Charles Scandal
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YouTube Axes Shane Dawson's Paycheck Amid Resurfacing Of Tati-James Charles Scandal

Pedophilia, racism, and bullying oh my!

YouTube Axes Shane Dawson's Paycheck Amid Resurfacing Of Tati-James Charles Scandal

On Tuesday, YouTuber Tati Westbrook published a 40-minute long accusing fellow YoutTube creators Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star of manipulating her into posting the ever so scandalous "Bye Sister" video slamming James Charles with accusations of sexual assault on minors amongst other accusations in May of 2019.


It seems as though the long-running career of one of YouTube's first and most popular uploaders Shane Dawson may be seeing his time come to an end on the platform as Tati's video is not the only thing adding to Dawson's downfall.

Shane's past content has resurfaced, documenting racial slurs, usage of the N-word, and blackface to name a few. On Friday the 26, he posted a 20-minute long apology video acknowledging and admitting to his wrongdoings.


The same Tuesday that Tati's video went up YouTube took away ad revenue from all three of Shane's YouTube channels and Target pulled all of Shane's books in stores from their shelves. He even states himself in his video "I should lose everything." A prime example of the internet's cancel culture on social influencers in action.

Surprisingly Shane went live on Instagram (which has now coincidently been deleted) stating that Tati was lying and fake crying in her video.

Additionally, a clip resurfaced of Shane pretending to masturbate to a poster of then 11-year-old Willow Smith. Leading supplementary pedophilia accusations to come to arise as he has also been found in a leaked video joking about finding a 6-year-old as "I don't know if I am allowed to say this but she was sexy."

Since Tuesday both Jeffree and Shane have been silent with no tweets, videos, or Instagram-live's to be seen. As #shanedawsonisoverparty and #karmageddon are trending it's clear that Shane will be taking at least a break from the YouTube platform.

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