"We want to clarify that Restricted Mode should not filter out content belonging to individuals or groups based on certain attributes like gender, gender identity, political viewpoints, race, religion or sexual orientation." - YouTube

I call bullshit.

YouTube is a place where people should be able to create content they love and want to share with others so long as it doesn't include offensive or harmful material. This should include equal treatment of all creators. But that hasn't been the case. YouTube has a history of discriminating against LGBTQ creators, from demonetizing to allowing anti-gay ads to run on their site.

Creators like Rowan Ellis, Tyler Oakley, and Fiona have faced demonetization and having their videos restricted on their LGBTQ content. And, shocker, they're all part of the community. Restricted mode has blocked anything LGBTQ-related and blocks gay YouTubers from suggestions. Some videos have been removed altogether.

Chase Ross tested this by removing the word "transgender" from the title of some of his videos that were demonetized.

Once the word was removed, his videos were instantly remonetized.

This isn't a money issue, this is a civil rights issue. It's almost 2020, YouTube, and you need to get your shit together. It's no secret that those of the LGBTQ community don't share the same acceptance as those that are straight. We're still discriminated against, we're still attacked, we're still misrepresented. Why can't you let us have a voice? Changing your icon to rainbow in June isn't fooling anyone. It's clear you value the content of straight people over those that are gay, trans, bisexual, what have you.

You are part of the problem that still exists today. And we're noticing.

Not just the creators are noticing, but your consumers, and you aren't creating a good look for yourself. I know you only issue apologies to save face, and that if you could you would continue to demonetize the content that doesn't fit your idea of "normal."

Enough is enough. We notice. We care. And we're going to hold you accountable for your anti-LGBTQ policies.