Phoebe is a legend to say the least. She's quirky, crazy, a little oblivious, free-spirited and witty. If you've seen the hit television series Friends, and you know that you identify with this iconic character, Congratulations! Being the Phoebe in your friend group requires a lot of sass, going with the flow, some occasional guitar solos, a tad bit of awkwardness, expressing your feelings, and a whole lot of fun! It's an honor to be the Phoebe! Be proud! Some of your friends might be obsessive, competitive, organized, and structured like Monica. They might be egocentric, emotional, and snobby like Rachel. Monica and Rachel are so overrated. You're a lone wolf who knows how to have a good time. For those of you who are unsure, there are many signs that will expose you as the Phoebe that you truly are.

1. You have a thing for cats (sometimes you even think they're your mom).

2. Sometimes you just have to sing.

3. You've got a temper.

4. You know how to make jokes (especially ones about your unorganized life).

5. Flirting comes naturally.

6. You're not really the best at exercising.

7. You might be a little psycho.

8. You dance even when you don't know how.

9. You have no filter.

10. You're the broke one.

11. Sometimes you wear things that are a little weird.

12. You're basically just a very large toddler.

13. You love animals.

14. Loyalty is your specialty.

15. You've got the mouth of a true lady.

16. You really know how to hold your alcohol.

17. You just want more love.

18. Normal is boring.

19. You're extremely realistic.

20. You're not the best driver.

21. You turn to music after a breakup.

22. You know you're going to cause a scene wherever you go.

23. Confidence is so important.

24. You can be rude.

25. You have some really weird stories.

26. It's expected of you to be sassy.