You're Not Going To Get A Text Back

We’ve all been there, waiting for a text back or a call back or just the acknowledgment of our existence. We tend to go to people with our emotions, feelings, and requests and we wait patiently or not so patiently for a reply.

Please just Google “Can’t get a text back” memes and you will relate on so many levels because there are just that many to choose from.

Now this doesn’t just apply to your crush texting you back, I know when I have a question for my best friend or my mom they suddenly find it physically impossible to be near their phones and give me an answer, I’m just as guilty of this though so I can’t say much in my defense.

Instant reply, spelled out, that’s what we’re used to.

Now if only we could send a text to God when we have a question or when something is troubling us.

I’ve always said “How cool would it be if you could send God a text and it said ‘read at 8:59pm.’” Or if you could see Him replying just like iMessage shows you the reply bubbles when someone is typing. Instant reply, in words, at our finger tips; that’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

It was recently revealed to me how much that would take away from our faith, even if it would seem convenient.

I was in a dark spot last week, Satan had been attacking harder than usual and I could feel my heart retreating deeper into myself and the darkness growing, taking away all visible light. It took a whole day to convince myself to ask God for a little help, for a sign of hope, for a light in the growing darkness. This was the moment where I wish I could just send God the SOS emoji and wait for His reply, wait for that “text back”.

That’s just it though, I don’t want God to just text me back, where’s the magic in that?

You see God loves to reveal Himself, especially when we ask Him to.

“God please show me your beauty, show me your love, I know it’s there but I need a little extra help. Give me something, a little reminder of your presence, please.”

The answer to this prayer will be far better than any emoji, bitmoji, or gif you can receive.

It will be magical and beautiful, right in front of your eyes, you need only to open them.

You see I got my reply after I prayed that prayer, God revealed Himself to me two minutes after my heart sent a quiet cry for help. He replied in the perfect way for me. His answer literally showed up in front of me in the form of an old friend offering love, wisdom, and a warm hug.

Man. God is good.

We may not “get a text back” from those in our lives but we will always receive an answered prayer, you need only open your heart to the answer God has delivered. Whether it be a beautiful sunset, an old friend, a stranger's smile, a random act of kindness; His presence is constantly being revealed.

So next time you need a little push, or a reminder to keep going, send a little prayer. God loves to show us His beauty, to reveal Himself, you need only open your eyes.

I promise you His reply will be more magical and captivating than anything we can type up on a keyboard.

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