We live in a society today that feeds our tendency to constantly compare and degrade ourselves.

I can't be the only one who opens up Instagram and immediately thinks less of myself when I see the girl with a six pack beach bikini pic or the girl with a perfect smile and perfect curls that look like they just belong on her.

Why is it that us girls pay more attention to our crooked noses, lack of a thigh gap or six pack, pimple on our forehead, and ever-so-evident "fat" that bulges from under our arms than we do our hearts that radiate love, kindness, and joy? Shouldn't we be able to post a picture because we felt pure joy in that moment and want to document it, rather than picking the picture where you look the skinniest/closest to "perfect"?

See, I think we need to realize that we are defined by SO much more than our imperfections. Our minds have become trained to constantly diminish ourselves and think we just aren't as pretty/athletic/smart/talented as _________. What if instead of constantly comparing ourselves to others, we looked within ourselves and found the gifts that God so clearly blessed us with?

Matthew 5:48 "You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect".

I absolutely love this verse. We were created in the perfect image of God, one who is flawless and perfect in every possible way, so how could we be any less? Well, we aren't. God picked everything out about you before you even took your first breath. He planned everything from the number of hairs on your head to the freckles on your face, and yes, even the "side boob" that just never appears to go away no matter how hard you try.

Can we just do our best to put aside the tendency to compare ourselves to others? Because we know that God created us to be different and special in our own ways and even the girl who appears flawless on Instagram, well, her life isn't as perfect as it may seem. So instead of looking for flaws in yourself, I challenge you to look within your heart at the gifts and talents God has truly blessed you with. Trust me, I know it's easier said than done, but imagine a world where we all valued ourselves for who God made us to be rather than us constantly trying to be someone we aren't.

Sure, you may have flaws, but you are a lot more than just those flaws and they do not define you. You are a daughter of the greatest, most perfect King. You are loved beyond measure, cellulite and all. You are kind and you have a heart full of joy.

You are beautiful in your own, most perfect kind of way.