Your Town Rocks!!
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Your Town Rocks!!

How a Little Rock Can Brighten a Day

Your Town Rocks!!

Your town rocks!! That just isn’t a compliment, it is the name of groups of people that connect via social media to share ideas and encourage each other to paint on simple landscape rocks and then hide them around their town to spread a little happiness to the people who find them and their special messages.

I found the group in my area when a friend on Snapchat shared the story of her and her friends making a new batch of rocks to hide around town. At first, I thought it must have been one of those painting parties but she pointed me toward the local Facebook group and explained to me what this rock thing is all about.

The first thing I did was join the Facebook group in my hometown and the town that I hope to move to next year.

The idea of making and hiding something that would bring a smile to people excited me.

The week has been filled with the news of attacks and murders. The world seems nothing but doom and gloom and if something as simple as a found painted rock can bring a smile to someone than I am all in.

Finding the landscape rocks were harder than I thought. I thought Walmart would surely have everything we are looking for. Well, they had a big enough container we could start with but I see a trip to the home improvement store in our near future.

We found a five pound container of rocks and several colors of acrylic paint pins and some Modge Podge (I was later told spray sealant works better and faster) to seal the rocks.

What a fun cathartic experience to sit and just paint. There is no right and wrong to what to paint. Some talented folks go all out and make mini rocky masterpieces while novices like my girls and I just enjoy making simple designs.

If thinking about designs are tough for you just type “Painted Rocks” in Pinterest and you will find more ideas than you could ever paint.

The ideas range from the tiny rocks we painted to large almost door stop size rocks. I found an outside checkerboard using rocks painted like Lady Bugs that is on my short list to try very soon.

There is so much hate, sadness and fear in the world today we should all look for ways to inject a little happy whenever we can.

I can't wait to spend our summer injecting a bit of happiness one rock at a time.

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