As waiters and waitresses, we've all thought this a time or two. I mean lets be honest...

1. "Did I ever put in my table's order?"

2. "I can't believe I have to tell my table we're out of fries."

3. "Yes your peach unsweet tea is really unsweet. The peach flavor is a sweetener."

4. "Are you actually gluten-free or you just think it's healthier and like to be difficult?"

5. *Customer leaves a kind note on the receipt/tells manager*

"I'm never quitting, I love food service and my job."

6. *Customer leaves a hateful note on the receipt/ tells manager*

"I'm done and can't wait to leave this place."

7. "I'm your server...not your servant."

8. "Yes loading your potato costs extra, are you kidding me?"

9. "I really don't mind scribbling out what you ordered while I'm standing here, but don't change your order 5 minutes later when your food is halfway done..."

10. *Customer asks if they can order another drink*

"Well we've been closed for 20 minutes so no."

get a grip skam austin GIF

11. *Assigned another table*

"It's fine, I'm already seating half the restaurant anyway."

12. "You ate the buffet, are you really asking for a to-go box?"

13. "Who's table is that?!"

14. *Group of 10+ friends walk in 20 minutes to close*

15. *Smells something identical to the kitchen at work somewhere outside of work*

16. Coming back to your table and seeing that someone already refilled their drinks*