Your Holiday Shopping Reminders

The holidays are officially among us. With the holidays comes love, laughter, and lots and lots of shopping.

1. The people working most likely volunteered to be there. 

A lot of stores and restaurants pay their employees extra for working holidays or the eve of a holiday. Employees likely volunteer to work, but this doesn't mean they necessarily want to be there.

2. Do not walk in a store if it is closing in ten minutes. 

These employees are ready to go home. They have been on their feet a majority of the day, people have been rude, and they are ready to be in bed or moving on to the next thing they need to do. Allow whatever story you are going to that extra ten minutes to start closing up shop.

3. Be kind.

Every single person is experiencing a variety of emotions this season. Be extra kind to workers and maybe wish them a Merry Christmas two times instead of one.

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