Your Four Walls: A Poem

There are these four walls right outside your door that have been there for years.

The bricks are stacked seamlessly with a thin blanket of dust covering every corner.

They stand tall and the clouds brush against the very top,

Wind whistles around the barrier and it dances to the song.

The scenery has gotten old and the flowerbed is dead;

You have to be sick of the view by now.

There is a crack in one of the walls with light begging to be let in

However, nothing has been past those walls since you put them up.

You feel like you will never be able to break these walls down

But you were the very one that put them together.

These walls were made to hide the real you when you were never made to be hidden.

You need to learn that being vulnerable doesn't make you weak.

Put the bricks down and pick up a hammer;

There is strength in breaking down your own walls rather than building them up.

So here's what I say,

Send the bricks flying and let those walls crash to the ground.

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