Your (Crappy) Job As Told By Spongebob
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Your (Crappy) Job As Told By Spongebob

Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

Your (Crappy) Job As Told By Spongebob

Well, May is just around the corner, and for many high school and college students, it means it's time to go back to your summer job. Sure you might have some friends there and you are more or less willingly going back, but we all know how we really feel about our crappy, thankless summer jobs:

1. Greeting Customers

2. Greeting Your Co-Workers

3. When Your Hours Get Unexpectedly Cut

4. When One Of Your Co-Workers Ask You To Fix The Old Label Machine/Printer/Computer/Slicer/Scale

5. When Someone Asks You If You Know How To Fix The New Machine

6. When Customers Yell At You For Things That Are Out Of Your Control

7. Or When They're Really Mean To You On Your First Day

8. Or When They Try To Pay With An Unreasonable Form Of Currency

9. When They Ask You A Really Dumb Question

10. When Things Are ALREADY A Disaster And You JUST Got Here

11. Trying To Look Busy When Your Manager Walks By

12. That One Guy Who's Way Too Peppy

13. And That Other Guy Who Never Does Anything

14. When A Customer Insists That Their Obviously Too-Small Child Is Tall Enough To Ride

15. When Someone Wakes You Up On Your Day Off

16. Working Overtime

17. Payday After Working Overtime

18. When Customers Complain To You About Their Personal Lives, As If You Can Actually Do Something

19. When You Look At The Clock And (Miraculously) It's Almost Time To Go Home

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