If you're anything like me, then you've read almost every Twitter thread, BuzzFeed post, Odyssey article, etc. describing what your life/horoscope/college major would be as a meme or Vine. If you haven't, congratulations on having wayyy less free time than me. I've digested enough of these threads to basically consider myself an expert in "Vine comparison studies". But let's take it one step further.

What if I was able to tell you what your degree would be like as a TV show? Intrigued? Of course you are. Without further ado, here's that good shit.

Journalism - "The Newsroom"

If you're a journalism major, you've dreamed of working in a newsroom — maybe behind the scenes or in front of the camera. The high-pressure calls, deadlines, press releases, long interviews, late nights, and the research — OH, the research. Yeah, this is the life we chose. But it will all be worth it to see our name on the front page or in the credits of an award-winning news company. This show is your future. Embrace it, because you'll be livin' it.

Public Relations - "Queer Eye"

Okay, you may be thinking, "What do Queer Eye, the Fab 5 and P.R. have in common?" Branding, sweetie. Public relations is all about securing and enhancing your brand, promoting your public image, and that's exactly what these men do in every episode of this series.

Criminal Justice - "Big Little Lies"

This show has everything: Scandal. Love. Lies. Murder. Horrible witnesses. Plot twists. One could only hope that your cases will be this exciting.

Undecided - "Alone Together"

What better way to understand or decide your next step than to watch a show about people who don't have their shit together? It'll make you laugh and realize that maybe you're doing okay.