10 Perks Of Being The Youngest Child

Alright, so it's no secret that, being the youngest sibling, I've got my share of struggles when it comes to dealing with my sisters. That being said, I would be lost without them, and it wouldn't be fair of me not to acknowledge what is so great about being the youngest sibling.

Here are some recognizable benefits to being the youngest sibling:

1. Being the Star of Their Productions

The fact that you're the youngest -- and used to be the cutest -- of your siblings means that you were automatically cast as the lead role in whatever play they wanted to put on for your relatives in your concrete basement. Cinderella? Check! Weather man, Rainer Sunshine? Check! Tortoise from "The Tortoise and the Hare"? Check! It didn't matter if you were a prodigy as long as you brought the cute and fumbled your lines every once in a while. Also...you did what your "directors" told you to do or else...your butt will never forget it!

The best productions were solely ad-libbed, though. Our rendition of "Cinderella" ft. me running away from my sisters crying, "I'm never gonna speak to you again!" probably would have made a clean sweep in any awards show. It was breathtaking!

2. Going Out for Treats Together

Getting together with your siblings after not seeing them for weeks or months at a time is like a dream come true! You haven't been together long enough to get at each other's throats, so you can just be silly and have fun with them. It's even better when you treat yourself (or if you're really lucky, your siblings treat you) to something you haven't had in a while, like ice cream cones -- that's sure to get old memories and nostalgia flowing! When we were younger, one of my sisters and I were sharing an ice cream cone, and, long story short, I stole the cone and stopped sharing. This was an incredibly traumatic -- and well-documented -- event in her life...so she keeps a close eye on me when she's got one.

3. Dancing On Tables

Man, we really should have formed that girl group the way we rocked our sweet moves on the coffee table in pairs of mom's heels. We were stars -- picking members of fake groups to be (I totally had dibs on being the drummer from The Hex Girls on "Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost") and watching their performance scene on repeat until we had it all down by heart! If our home videos are any indication, we would have made it big...we were so talented!

4. Being Able to Blame Your Siblings Because They "Should Have Known Better"

"Mom! Kristen bit me again!" "Well, stop putting your fingers in her mouth!" Yes, I was a biter...but I was young enough that the blame fell on my sisters for not "using good judgment." I'll admit that I definitely hit/bit/kicked my sisters more than I should have, but while I was young enough to get away with it because my sisters were being annoying, I definitely took advantage of being able to get back at them for the constant teasing.

5. Your Shared Childhood

There are always going to be classic games or movies that you and your siblings played and watched as kids that you will always be able to relate to despite the fact that you can't watch it now without being terrified or cringing painfully. One mention of a long-forgotten household classic is bound to generate a solely nostalgic conversation with your siblings for hours at a time. A favorite video of ours used to be "Grandpa's Magical Toys." We recently watched bits and pieces of it, and I can't believe how much it creeped me out. Maybe this is why I'm terrified of clowns now...

6. Sharing a Sense of Humor

No matter what stupid jokes you make, your siblings will most likely get them and find them funny. The same goes for when someone else says something you find funny, and you can tell your siblings are also trying not to laugh. Unfortunately, these tend to happen in inappropriate situations -- in church, at a funeral, watching a movie in the theater, etc. -- and no matter how hard you try, you are fighting a losing battle. You can see your siblings' shoulders shake and that they're trying to pinch their leg to stop. The laugh will burst out at the most silent and awkward time, causing your siblings to crack, too, earning you all dirty looks from the people surrounding you. "I'm sorry we're so hilarious!"

7. Benefiting From Their Experiences

Those milestones in your life that you're afraid to hit? They've been through so many of them. Your siblings will do what it takes to get you over your nerves before your driver's test or send you encouraging messages through the day before your first date with a new guy. If you're afraid of what the future will bring when you're staring down graduation or a daunting job search, you can bet they'll be there to give you advice and a better understanding of how they got through it all when it was their turn. They want you to succeed, and they're usually cheering for you more than they cheer for themselves.

8. Getting to Be in Their Wedding Party

"I'm single and ready to have a great time while you commit to the love of your life!" Being able to stand next to your older siblings on one of the greatest days of their life is one of the most amazing experiences out there -- bonus points if they did a killer job picking out the wedding party apparel! The best part is after the ceremony and speeches when the grand march starts: you can just kick it and spend the whole night with your siblings out in the middle of the dance floor and make everyone jealous with all of your sweet moves that you picked up from your girl group (or boy band) days.

9. They Totally Have Your Back

Your siblings have a free pass to tease you and make fun of you all they want, but the second anyone else tries to mess with you...that's it...they're finished. Your friend makes one comment about the breakup you already feel terrible about? Your siblings hate them forever -- even if you're still friends. A boy tries to take advantage of you in one way or another? They'd better watch themselves.

10. Knowing That Deep Down... They'll Love You No Matter What

They've seen you at your best, and they've seen you at your absolute worst -- no one wants to see that, but they have and still love you. They don't care about your flaws. True, they'll probably judge the things you do on the daily and rag on you for it, but they won't let it change how they feel about you.

No matter how much my sisters get on my nerves sometimes, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love them so much, and I can't imagine what I would do without them there to give me advice, to laugh at my pathetic jokes, to hug me when I cry, and to look out for me no matter what!

I love you, Amber and Becky! You guys are the real stars!

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