A Young Christian's Thoughts On This Election
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A Young Christian's Thoughts On This Election

It's about to get real.

A Young Christian's Thoughts On This Election

There are a lot of things about this election that could be and should be changed, but because I don't own a time machine or any other time-traveling ability, I'm going to keep moving forward.

As a country, America has been through a lot. We've warred against a huge monarch and won our freedom; we've split in half and lost lives fighting against each other, and we've been fighting in a psychological terror war for 15 years. We have seen beloved celebrities pass on, and we've all fought and won our own personal battles. Presidents have come and gone, and we have seen the best and the worst of elections. Natural disasters have come and gone and taken things, but as a country, we have stood together through it all and seen good and bad.

As a young Christian, I have learned to trust in God with the outcomes of many situations in this country. During Hurricane Sandy, I prayed daily about the lives the disaster would touch and asked that they would all remain safe and at peace with the circumstances, and when Robin Williams died I asked God for joy in the people of the country. Myself and thousands of other people have trusted the Lord with everything, so why are so many Christians straying away from that trust now?

The 2016 election was by far the ugliest, and all the hatred that was and is still being spread is just the result of that. Christians everywhere have been sucked in to this toxic mindset, and it's taking a toll on the people of this country, no matter what their background may be, and this breaks my heart.

It should not matter to Christians who is sitting a seat in the White House; instead, it should matter who is sitting on the throne of people's hearts.

There, I said it. Christians are called first to love people (Matthew 22:34-40), and there is a severe lack of that in today's church. It started with the election and has only continued to grow, and yet we are still wondering why people tend to stay away from the church.

To the Christians who are reading this: Please, stop the hate. Practice self control and leave the Facebook rants to long talks with your spouse or friends. Go to your prayer place and spend some time with the Lord, because it's obvious that everybody in this country needs it.

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