12 Reasons Why You Need To Watch 'Young and Hungry'

12 Reasons Why You Need To Watch 'Young and Hungry'

"Young and Hungry" is one of the best shows out there for millennials because it's so honest and raw about the realities we live in.

"Young and Hungry" is one of the best shows out there for millennials because it's so honest and raw about the realities we live in. Millennials are struggling to make use of a shitty hand of cards and "Young and Hungry" understand and visualizes that in the form of a comedy on Freeform. Gabi is the epitome of millennial life. It's funny, it's sad, and it's heartwarming! Everything is just a huge sex joke......just like our millennial lives! Here are 12 reasons why "Young and Hungry" is a show every millennial should watch!

1. Gabi is literally all of us.

She lives the college student life, without actually going to college. So really, Gabi lives the millennial life where we never have any money and the job market is rough. She lied on her resume, just like many millennials do. I mean, it's almost impossible to have five years experience coming out of college. She is funny and witty but has her own way of doing things. It is different but Gabi isn't wrong for thinking outside of the box and meddling to help other people be happy. She is always helping the people she cares about but she is kinda selfish. Kinda like millennials. Like we want to help but with the way things are...what do we get out of it?

2. Gabi and Sofia have ambition but like...no money.

Gabi wants to be a famous chef but has no money or education to do it. Sofia flip flops on what she wants to do and if that isn't describing a millennials life, I don't know what does. Gabi needs money to have education but has to find a good job and Sofia has a job but doesn't know what she wants for a career. Yep, sounds like a millennial life to me.

3. Yolanda shows that all jobs are important, you just have to have the attitude to go with it.

Yolanda never lets anyone shame her for "just being a maid" (ugh, I hate that word). She does what she has to to get by in life. She works, well not hard, but she works and pays her bills then she goes out and gets lit with any extra cash. Sound like any generation we know? Honestly, it's not a bad thing to me. We get shit done, any way we have to, even by working a "lower class" job.

4. Sofia is BFF goals and roommate goals.

Also she exhibits a level of sense that a lot of millennials are lacking. She's the oddly mature one that is like the voice of reason to many millennials when they are about to do something stupid. Honestly, I relate to Sofia the most because she is trying to maintain order when Gabi is causing chaos. Poor Sofia was born in the wrong generation but we all want a friend like her. She is BFF goals and life goals.

5. The relationships are so relatable it's scary.

Are we dating or just FWB? Should I text him and tell him how I feel? Your mind says no but your heart says yes. You know he is fuckboi status, everyone tells you about all of his notches, but millennial girls either don't care or think we will be the one to change him. Sorry girls, he doesn't change..well, not often. But this isn't just for boys there are fuckgurls too. Gabi runs into several situations that follow these lines. She gets used but also does the using. All millennials know how to use people because it's the only way to get by.

6. The sex jokes are priceless and plentiful.

Gabi is empowered by her sexuality and she never lets anyone make her feel ashamed for liking sex. There are so many sex jokes that you are constantly laughing at. You can't help but use them for yourself when bae is around. The jokes capture everyone's sexuality but in a funny and powerful way.

7. They love food and alcohol.

When they have a bad day Gabi grabs a bottle of wine (sometimes harder alcohol for really bad days) and she cooks up something yummy for them to eat away their feelings. Millennials invented a whole new way to eat your feelings. You just lay in a comfy place, eat all of the most unhealthy food you can find, and binge watch something on Netflix to help you purge your emotions. Sofia and her have some of their best moments while eating food and drinking wine. They really are friendship goals.

8. They give you ambition from their struggles.

Gabi and Sofia's struggles are so relatable and they empower you to make the best of the sititauions like they do. Their ambition and will make you feel like if you work hard like they do, anything is possible. That maybe one day you can be a famous chef or writer, have a great relationship full of struggles but only with the person you love, and be happy with what you have because nothing in our lives are handed to us.

9. Money isn't everything...but it helps.

Whoever said money can buy happiness was a, god damn, liar. Josh even says that being a billionaire doesn't buy him relationships or happiness, instead it attracts people who only want to use him for his money. His ex fiancé, Caroline, is a prime example. She only loved him for his money and notoriety. Being a millennial shows us that money doesn't buy happiness and while it does help, not everything can be bought. I mean, our economy is fucked, so that could also be a reason...but I like my way better.

10. The shenanigans are so like millennials.

What the hell did we get ourselves into? With so many off trends, I'm looking at you clear jeans, it's hard to not get caught up in the media frenzy, even if it's just to say how stupid half the things us millennial do. We are always on our phones and Gabi often gets in trouble by meddling in others business. With social media being what it is we all meddle in others lives, if just by looking.

11. You can't help but relate...even if you aren't a millennial.

You don't have a soul if you don't like this show. Seriously, you are always laughing and rooting for Gabi and Josh. You are always rooting for everyone to be happy. When Gabi feels pain, you feel pain. When Gabi is excited, you are excited. Being a millennial makes you so much more empathetic to others because we see how interrelated everything really is. The banding together to march and protesting the pipeline, is just like how Sofia, Yolanda, and Elliot band together to help Gabi.

12. The opening is one of the best ever created and no one can tell me differently.

Literally, one of my favorite parts of the show. Don't believe me? Watch it below and I know you'll want to watch "Young and Hungry" right after you're done reading this article.

I love "Young and Hungry" I hope you do go watch it because it really is one if the best shows on television. Emily Osment gives millennials a voice in a funny, sweet way but also in a very profound "this is so me" way. Go watch on Netflix, you won't regret it!

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We Need to Talk About Logan Paul

A conversation needs to be started.

I am never the type of person to get involved or even be concerned about YouTube drama. A lot of the time, it is petty and not worth the energy that is typically spent on it. However, a problem surfaced and was brought to my attention by multiple friends and family members.

Logan Paul.

I remember this guy from Vine. I didn't think much of him. I just thought he was a cocky kid who made average vines. I didn't follow him on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter after Vine got deleted, so I never really kept up with any of his whereabouts nor did I follow the Jake and Logan Paul drama.

Recently, he posted a video in Japan's Aokigahara forest, otherwise known as the suicide forest. There are many problems with his intent of filming a video in such a place, but that is not the main issue in this video. While traveling through the forest, Logan Paul and his friends come across a person who committed suicide. He then began to film the person, blurring his face, but showing the man's hands and torso.

The problem with his latest stunt is that it is way bigger than him. What he did deserves a conversation about all people and society, not just Logan Paul. I don't have any hate towards Logan and don't have any intention or desire to bash or join the hate bandwagon that is sometimes hard to fall into. However, I will not hold my tongue and let my seven-year-old brother watch an adult post disturbing images dealing with suicide.

What needs to be said about the disgust of this video has already been said and there are several great YouTube videos from other creators, i.e. Jenna and Julien, Cody Ko, and Christian DelGrosso. If you need more clarification of the contents of the video, then I suggest watching one of their videos.

My main issue is the kids that are involved. Logan Paul's fanbase is largely impressionable kids from the ages of eight to thirteen. Before Logan took down the video, the video had already received upwards of 50,000 likes. Meaning, these kids have no idea that this was wrong and then continue to stand up for him.

I am not a parent and have no intention on telling parents how to raise their children, but in my personal opinion, these kids have no business watching Logan Paul and any of his antics. Just because this video has become the most popular, by no means does that mean any of his other videos have questionable actions. These kids look up to Logan Paul and therefore will take on the persona of Logan Paul, even if by a small fraction.

I understand kids will find a way to watch something that they want to watch, but a parent should at least be aware and have the conversation that it was disturbing and unnerving, but at the very least wrong. Without this clarification, kids could grow up to think that what Logan Paul did was okay, in which it was not, on any level.

I have seen multiple people on all different forms of media asking how these kinds of people become famous, and as a closing sentence, I'd like to answer that question.

We, as a society, have the power to change the world and the people who have the spotlight. It is up to us who we see and who is famous or in the public eye. If we see something that is not moral, I believe it is our job as a society to change the tone.

Spread love, not hate.

Cover Image Credit: a57.foxnews.com

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Why 'The Disaster Artist' Is Genius

“The Disaster Artist” takes us on the journey of how the beloved, insanely quotable film “The Room” was conceived.

Tommy Wiseau’s, “The Room,” is a disastrous movie like no other. It’s cult following only seems to be increasing with the release of “The Disaster Artist,” directed by Golden Globe winner, James Franco, bringing “The Room’s” legacy full circle.

“The Disaster Artist” takes us on a journey of how the beloved, insanely quotable film, “The Room,” was conceived. Hearing lines like “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” and “ Oh, hi Mark,” in the theater is enticing alone, but seeing Tommy’s journey brought to life is priceless. So, who is Tommy?

We may not know his age, origin, or even where his money comes from, but it’s safe to say we’ve seen his vision. We all have our dreams; some may be so big we’re embarrassed to say them aloud. Tommy shows dreamers everywhere that you have to believe in yourself and the strength of your dreams. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Tommy's costar and friend, Greg Sestero, wrote “The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made,” which led them to the blockbuster directed by James Franco.

The movie adaptation isn’t just something a screenwriter fabricated - it’s their story. Even the jokes were based on real life; Tommy had a habit of forgetting lines, Johnny was initially going to be a vampire and those tantrums Tommy had done in fact occur.

The film felt so organic with actors seeming to be the people they are emulating, especially director and producer, James Franco. He went as far as directing the cast in costume and in character as Tommy. Members of the cast had to be warned that they were going on to a strange set of scenes.

Halfway through "The Disaster Artist," it became apparent that the film the characters were creating wasn’t going to be a critically acclaimed Oscar winner, to say the least. The headspace of Tommy suddenly became real. “The Room” didn’t just feel like a movie that we characterize as a drama and comedy, but his hard work and dedication as well. Most of all, his dream became realized.

While "The Disaster Artist" is a comedy, it was surprisingly uplifting. It’s not just about the making of “The Room,” but also the bond shared between Tommy and Greg. Even now, you can see that they have a close friendship that transcended so many years. In life, it’s rare to find life-long friendships.

From the start, they supported each other and made up for what the other lacked. Who knew they would be where they are today.

"The Disaster Artist" was able to connect so many different elements to make a movie many enjoy, regardless of if they are familiar with "The Room." It's a different type of comedy and story that was told. It feels like we were apart of its history as Franco's portrayal of Tommy earned a Golden Globe.

Entering Tommy's headspace is unforgettable. If you're wondering what Tommy was going to say during the ceremony, wish granted:

"If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live.”

You may call him crazy, but that's a damn good message if you ask me.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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