8 Young Adult Books You Must Read
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8 Young Adult Books You Must Read

If you don't like reading, you haven't found the right book.

8 Young Adult Books You Must Read

If you're anything like me, you love reading. And if you don't like reading, you just haven't found the right book. Below I have compiled a list of (mostly) young adult books that should keep you from wanting to put them down. ;) I know they had that effect on me.

1. The Siren - Kiera Cass

Kahlen is a siren. Sirens must never expose their secret, therefore meaning they can't form close bonds with humans. They are allowed to talk to other sirens and the Ocean, but not to humans. Sirens serve the Ocean for a certain amount of time before they can live their life again. Kahlen knows the rules and has followed them for years, but when she starts getting close to Akinli, a human, she finds herself trying to disobey the rules.

I really enjoyed this one, and it was really hard for me to put it down.

2. The Selection - Kiera Cass

35 girls get the chance of a lifetime: to compete in the Selection. The Selection is for Prince Maxon to find a wife. America doesn't want the crown, nor does she want to be Prince Maxon's wife. She just wants last as long as she can, so she can continue to receive money to send to her family. Though as the competition goes on, she starts questioning herself.

This series became one of my favorites. Seriously, you need to get your hands on it. Like, now.

The Selection series: The Selection, The Elite, The One, The Heir, The Crown

Novellas that go with it: The Prince, The Guard, The Queen, The Favorite

3. Airhead - Meg Cabot

Em Watts finds herself in an accident that will change her life forever. Because of the incident, she goes from being a normal teenager to being the famous supermodel Nikki Howard.

If you like a good young adult novel with a twist, then this one if for you.

Airhead series: Airhead, Being Nikki, Runaway

4. Abandon - Meg Cabot

Pierce moves to a new town hoping for a fresh start. He still finds her, and he wants her back. He is not an angel, but she can't keep herself away from him. He appears when she's not expecting it, and when she needs him most.

I enjoyed this series. It was a retelling of Hades and Persephone and was interesting to read.

Abandon series: Abandon, Underworld, Awaken

5. Everything Everything - Nicola Yoon

Maddy is a girl who is home bound because of a rare disease. The only people she sees on a daily basis are her mom and Carla, her nurse. That is until a new family moves in next door. Maddy immediately takes interest in Olly, and he takes interest in her. Soon enough, they become friends and their friendship eventually blossoms into something more.

I read this book in a little over three hours. I did not want to put it down, like at all. This is definitely a must read.

6. What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen

McLean and her father have moved to four different places in the last two years. She doesn't mind, because each place gives her a chance to start fresh and be a new person. For the first time in a while, McLean finds herself wanting to stay in one place and find herself. And Dave, her neighbor, may be able to help her find out whom that is.

I really liked this story. It had just enough romance and drama to make me want to keep reading.

7. The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen

While Macy's boyfriend, Jason, is away at Brain Camp, she is going to spend her summer at the library working, and spend her nights studying for the SAT. But an unexpected offer for a job at Wish, a catering business, has her rethinking everything. Especially when she meets Wes, who helps Macy to come out of her shell.

This one was a good story about finding yourself.

8. Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

When Louisa Clark loses her job, she is forced to find a new one. She gets a new job as a caretaker for Will Traynor, a man bound to a wheelchair after an accident. And he does not make it easy for her. Though after time, they start to warm up to each other and Louisa is determined to show Will that life is worth living.

This is a not a young adult novel but it will make you squeal happily, and also make you cry (unless you don't have a heart). Make sure to keep tissues nearby.

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