There are no words to describe the feeling. You were and will always be loved, looked up to, and admired by so many. The impact that you have made on the world, and myself, will never be forgotten. Your loving, caring, spontaneous, hard-working, silly, and smart personality will live on forever. It's hard to imagine life without your bubbly self in it, you deserved so much more.

When someone you love is taken too soon, life just doesn't simply go on. Everything feels wrong, you should be here. There are so many life events that you were supposed to be apart of, and so many memories that you were supposed to be in. These events and memories won't be the same without you, but everyone knows your spirit will be there. You were a leader, a person of many passions, a talented athlete, a fierce competitor, a great listener, a compassionate friend, and a loving human being. You showed everyone how to live an adventurous, loving, and unapologetic life. We may not be ready for you to be gone, but we know your spirit will live on.

The memories I shared with you are ones I will treasure forever. From our late night shenanigans, rollerblading through sprinklers, learning how to tell where north, south, east, and west were, powering through acceleration, crying at romantic comedies at the theater, getting snow cones, eating donuts the day before we run a 5k, and to spoiling the end of FRIENDS (my bad)! These memories and all of the other amazing memories we made will forever be in my heart. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with me.

Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for being a light. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for being you. Your light and loving heart will live on in so many of the people you impacted. You accomplished so many things throughout your amazing life and your legacy will live on. I am incredibly honored to have been apart of your incredible life and I can't wait for the day we get to be reunited again. Life will never be the same, but we are all blessed to have you as an angel watching over us all.

Please; say I love you more, give more hugs, smile more, pray more, be honest, express yourself, listen more, laugh more, cry more, give more of yourself, be more of yourself. Be the light in every person you meet and know because you never know who needs a little light shone onto them.