Why You Shouldn't Give A F*ck About Finals

Why You Shouldn't Give A F*ck About Finals

Just a reminder that acing your finals is not the reason you are in school


I remember almost exactly five years ago feeling the stress-induced nausea overwhelming me as I began my first-ever official round of finals. I was an awkward, insecure freshman in high school, and I felt as if my world would spontaneously implode if I didn't, by some miracle, ace all my finals and secure an above-average GPA. In my mind, finals week was the season of amendment for all past procrastination, a time to cram and comb over all the forgotten facts and formulas of the semester. As the years went on, the panic I felt at the onset of finals season shifted from motivational to exhausting.

When I started college, I challenged myself to reframe the way I looked at finals and exams in general. I began to reassess my academic priorities. I came up with the following reasons why, while you should still strive to do your best in school, you do not need to give a f*ck about finals.

Your mental health should always be among your top priorities.


Oftentimes people forget how important it is to keep their mental health in mind constantly. While stress is a part of life, there are levels of healthy stress that many people push the boundaries of during finals season.

Studying should be focused on refreshing your memory, not on learning things for the first time.


If your "studying" for finals entails completely learning concepts from scratch, you aren't actually gaining anything. You are only grueling over topics that you will likely forget shortly after the exam.

There is no point in getting a good grade if you aren’t actually thoroughly learning the material and storing it in your long-term memory for future use.


Especially in regards to college, the point of taking classes is learning things that you can eventually use in your professional life. Cramming for an exam may help you secure a better grade, but is it really worth all the stress if you aren't truly retaining the material?

Our education system's grading structure is organized to reward memorization over actual education.


People often use their grade as a gauge of their success in a certain class, but grades don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Even if you don't get all As, your success should be measured by how you have grown and learned as a student and a person through your classes.

No one is going to ask you your GPA after you get your first job (excluding grad school).


Experience and knowledge are the things that are actually going to propel you in your career. Getting an internship and gaining experiential knowledge in your field are far more useful to you and your future employer than a 4.0 GPA.

Your self-worth should not be determined by your grades.


You are so much more than a number on a piece of paper. Your other assets, such as your extracurricular activities and positive personality traits, are better indicators of your personal success and those assets are what you will bring to the table in your professional life.

5 years from now, you won’t even remember what you got on your finals.


While you should always put your best effort into your school work, it is also good to find some perspective amidst your studying. Don't sacrifice your sanity for something that won't matter a couple of years down the road.

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To The Friends I Won't Talk To After High School

I sincerely hope, every great quality I saw in you, was imprinted on the world.


So, for the last four years I’ve seen you almost everyday. I’ve learned about your annoying little brother, your dogs and your crazy weekend stories. I’ve seen you rock the awful freshman year fashion, date, attend homecoming, study for AP tests, and get accepted into college.

Thank you for asking me about my day, filling me in on your boy drama and giving me the World History homework. Thank you for complimenting my outfits, laughing at me presenting in class and listening to me complain about my parents. Thank you for sending me your Quizlets and being excited for my accomplishments- every single one of them. I appreciate it all because I know that soon I won’t really see you again. And that makes me sad. I’ll no longer see your face every Monday morning, wave hello to you in the hallways or eat lunch with you ever again. We won't live in the same city and sooner or later you might even forget my name.

We didn’t hang out after school but none the less you impacted me in a huge way. You supported my passions, stood up for me and made me laugh. You gave me advice on life the way you saw it and you didn’t have to but you did. I think maybe in just the smallest way, you influenced me. You made me believe that there’s lots of good people in this world that are nice just because they can be. You were real with me and that's all I can really ask for. We were never in the same friend group or got together on the weekends but you were still a good friend to me. You saw me grow up before your eyes and watched me walk into class late with Starbucks every day. I think people like you don’t get enough credit because I might not talk to you after high school but you are still so important to me. So thanks.

With that said, I truly hope that our paths cross one day in the future. You can tell me about how your brothers doing or how you regret the college you picked. Or maybe one day I’ll see you in the grocery store with a ring on your finger and I’ll be so happy you finally got what you deserved so many guys ago.

And if we ever do cross paths, I sincerely hope you became everything you wanted to be. I hope you traveled to Italy, got your dream job and found the love of your life. I hope you have beautiful children and a fluffy dog named Charlie. I hope you found success in love before wealth and I hope you depended on yourself for happiness before anything else. I hope you visited your mom in college and I hope you hugged your little sister every chance you got. She’s in high school now and you always tell her how that was the time of your life. I sincerely hope, every great quality I saw in you, was imprinted on the world.

And hey, maybe I’ll see you at the reunion and maybe just maybe you’ll remember my face. If so, I’d like to catch up, coffee?



Cover Image Credit: High school Musical

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Writing Saved My Sanity

Write it all down when you can't talk to anyone.


I love writing.

I have since elementary school, and I've dreamed of becoming a published author. I started off writing stupid plays in elementary school, then it grew it almost writing a full-blown novel in middle school. I have no idea where that thing went to. It was all notebook paper and bad writing. In high school, my writing was kinda pushed to the side so I could focus on school. When I entered college, I started writing small poems about my now ex-boyfriend.

I was scared to express myself to him sometimes, the intensity of my feelings for him scared me. So instead of telling him, I wrote them down. When I tried to share them with him, he hated it. He thought writing down feelings was weird and creepy. So I didn't share anything else with him. When we finally broke up for good, everything just poured out of me. What I couldn't express verbally, I wrote or typed out.

I always have ideas flowing through my head. They never cease and I wouldn't want them to. Writing gives me an escape, from stress, work, school, or fights. It gives me a place to vent and to be open with everything. This is a reason I love writing for Odyssey, not only has this place brought me amazing friends but revived my love for writing. I'm never without my notebook anymore, I'd get distracted in class by an idea and have to write I think then and there.

I love sharing my more personal writing with close friends, especially my poems as of late. I found that I have a voice for young women who find themselves in a toxic relationship much like mine was. I want to speak out and show them that you can grow from the bullshit. It may take some time, but you will be better.

Writing saved my sanity. It allows me to express myself without having to use my actual voice. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate public speaking. I tend to psych myself out leading up to it. My current projects include writing for Odyssey every week, I'm in the process of trying to continue my short stories, and I'm excited to announce that I'm currently working on my very first poetry book!

Writing has given me so much, and I'm so looking forward to making a career out of something I love so much.

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