Why you should listen to True Crime Obsessed.
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Why You NEED True Crime Obsessed in Your Life

What's TCO? Only the BEST podcast EVER.


If you haven't heard of this podcast, you need to get on it! True Crime Obsessed is my literal obsession- I've been on a binge it like crazy. For those of you who aren't familiar with the premise, this podcast is run by Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds. They are both heavily involved with musical theatre and had separate podcasts (Gillian created the Hamilcast podcast- another great podcast to check out if you haven't already). They are both engaging, witty and hilarious hosts. They bring this personality and schema into their podcast True Crime Obsessed where they detail documentaries and movies involving real crimes. With no further ado, I'm going to highlight why you should check this podcast out.

They give great commentaries on crime documentaries.

Not everyone can block out two hours to spend sitting in front of a screen. This is a great way to get your crime fix on the go! They give solid enough dissections of these pieces whether you can understand the situation and visualize the documentary without having had watch it. They go steps further and dissect other aspects of these productions, which I'll talk about later on.

They weave in sociological and civil rights issues.

They are WOKE on issues such as racial tensions in the justice system, gay rights history and how women are perceived in society. They have great insights in the relation between true crime and civil rights/sociology.

They are a RIOT.

They are straight up hilarious. Patrick has the best laugh, which only adds to their great banter. For those of you who like witty humor, you are in for a treat.

They choose a variety of crime documentaries.

Their scope of topics is so interesting. They cover cases from mysterious murder cases, to child prodigy painting frauds, to political scandals and so much more!

You can impress your friends with trivia you don't realize you're learning.

All of the events they cover really happened, and are so crazy and notable you'll remember more than you think. You can use these tidbits of knowledge as a party trick. Also, who doesn't want to educate themselves in a fun way? I'm all for TLC reality TV, but what do we really learn from it?

Ten out of ten recommend- check it out!

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