I'm not a perfect person, I'll be the first to admit that. With that being said, I think it's clear that I'm not exactly the perfect Christian either. No one is perfect, and the fact that we are human beings is about 100% of the reason that we aren't. God made each of us differently, and we were placed on this Earth full of sin and hate for a reason that many of us have yet to discover yet - but the thing is... He knew what was going to happen.

God created us knowing that we would make mistakes. God placed us on this Earth knowing the temptations and the situations we would be faced with. I used to wonder WHY on Earth He would do that. Why would he put us here knowing we would fail him? Why would He want people who aren't perfect, who fail, who make mistakes, who sin? Just, why?

God is good, all of the time -- that's why. He placed us here in a world of evil to show us that even in the darkest of times, we can find light in Him. He created us imperfect to show us His unconditional love for us. He gave us temptation after temptation, knowing we would fail at times, to show us that He is a forgiving, merciful God.

Most of all, though, He sent His only Son to DIE - just so that we can spend forever with Him in Heaven - to show us that even though we don't see ourselves as worthy of anything, He sees us as worthy of everything.

Isn't that amazing? I am in awe every time I think of the things He does for me, every single day. One thing forever reigns true... God is good, all of the time.