5 SIgns You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady

I'm sure you've heard it call, the jokes and the stereotypes of being a crazy cat lady. But honestly, if you're anything like me, you take it in with pride. You love those little furry floods so much and when you picture your future you picture yourself with one, or twelve. But believe it or not some people don't know the signs of being a crazy cat lady or what it means to be a crazy cat lady. But don't worry, I can help you figure if you are indeed a crazy cat lady or a crazy cat guy. Here's a list of some characteristics you might have if you are way more into cats than you are into people.

You own more than one article of clothing with cats on it and you wear it proudly.

So yes cat clothing is definitely a must when you're a crazy cat person. For instance, I may or may not have these leggings with a bunch of tiny cats on them. And I also may or may not wear them literally all the time. Okay... So I do. And I literally were them all the time.

When you plan your future, you plan your life out with having cat.

I may only be 22 but I've been planning having cats when I've lived on my own for a long time now. And now that I do live out on my own, and only have been doing so just over 2 weeks, I already put in an adoption application for 2 handsome little fluff balls. And they will be my children.

You always look at cute cat photos and videos. They warm your soul.

I mean come on look how cute this little guy is? I can't.. So cute. And truthfully, I spend hours a day looking at cute cats either in photo or video. I may or may not spend all those hours crying because of their adorableness too. Really, try to tell me cat pictures and videos can't cheer someone up from having a bad day either. Cats are the cure for all emotions or just because you want to see the cutest things that ever roamed the either.

You call all cat kitties.

Well it's true. I definitely do it, and I know a lot of other people that do too. This picture shows some really big kittens and they are just as adorable as the small ones. I wish I could hug them too. Doesn't really matter the size of the feline or how old it is, I will always call it a kitten because that's what it is.

You convince your significant other to love cats as much as you do.

So you've probabaly thought about having your fluffy little babies in your engagement photos or wedding photos because you consider them that much a part of your family. Believe me, if my boyfriend didn't like cats like I do, then there would be a problem. And let's be honest here, our little kitties will definitely be included in our engagement photos because that's the kind of people we are. I mean really, look how cute that would be!

So whether or not your claim to be a crazy cat lady or dude, you definitely love those little fluffy creatures more than any other animal. You plan your entire life around the idea of having cats because you can't imagine your life without one or twelve. But make sure you take on the title with pride because who else will? Being in love with cats isn't a bad thing and it never will be.

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