You live on this earth, so start acting like it

You live on this earth, so start acting like it

You wouldn't destroy your house so why destroy the earth?

We are all humans sharing a space of the earth with other humans. This earth was here before we were and will be here after we die. For however many years you get to live on this earth and it is your home, so why aren’t we acting like it? If you need some convincing on why you should care, I’ll give you a couple of reasons and maybe one will stick. Pick one reason or use them all.

1) A higher being played a role in the existence of all living things on earth, but humans are responsible for caring for the other living things. If all things are made in that higher being’s image then why do we continue to degrade that image?

2) Humans need the earth. We cannot and do not exist without it. If we want to continue to use the resources the earth provides us with than our actions should reflect that. Not all of the earths resources are renewable so let’s remember that when we use them. Do you like your life as it is? Find a way to continue to live that way in a more sustainable manner.

3) It is your duty to take care of your home and earth is your home. Do your duty and provide the necessary service for the greater good of society.

4) Literally any reason you can think of can be a reason to care.

All of our actions on earth have an impact, even If it is small action. Your specific action may not have a noticeable impact on earth but a whole countries actions will have an impact. One plastic straw in the ocean may not take down an ecosystem, but five million plastic straws just might. We have to share this space with other people and other species, but we act like the earth only exists for whatever we want it to.

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