You Know You Go To LaGrange College If...
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Student Life

You Know You Go To LaGrange College If...

Lets be honest this list could go on for days

You Know You Go To LaGrange College If...

I assume most people reading this are currently students at LaGrange College, and you probably have more to add; however, this is my shpeal on the daily struggles of life on The Hill.

1. Hence the phrase, "Life on The Hill" ...The stairs are never ending, I've learned to stop complaining and embrace the daily glut workout.

2. When you're a non-profit leadership major and basically your entire tuition is going towards a 24 million dollar science building..

3. When you're a biology major basically your entire tuition is going towards a 24 million dollar science building that won't be ready until you graduate.

4. When you get written up for owning a wine glass...

5. Can't take a test without ants making their way across campus on the wall beside you

6. Realizing that our theater majors are the beez neez

7. Does any one else find the videos in the caf a bit offensive?

8. You're not a true Panther until you've learned how to correctly pronounce "Manget"

9. If you're not Greek, BSU, SGA, a servant scholar, or an athlete...then do you really go to this school?

10. Socials involve basically everyone and are best when held at mighty joes bc free pizza

11. "I called Securitas, they were very helpful and used a great sense of urgency!" ...Said no one ever.

12. There are 4 types of people, ADG people, Pi Kapp people, Delt people, and transfer students.

13. RIP to the original fraternity houses

14. Remember when the President promised new houses October 1st

15. Remember when the President promised new houses December 1st

16. Remember when the President promised new houses in the beginning of this year

17. Remember the other day when a tree fell on the new Pi Kapp house

18. When tuition goes up (again) and the President claims it is to better pay our professors basically blaming it on them :)

19. When you'd rather eat off the ground in Boatwright than have the food provided in the caf

20. Not really but you get my drift

21. When being a commuter is a valid excuse for always being at least 5 minutes late to class... because parking

22. We all have our favorite professors... Slay, Lingenfelter, Crutchfield, McMullen, Cafaro, Riggs, Knoll, Van Lieu, McClanahan, the list goes on...

23. Everyone is best friends with the lady who works in Starbucks

24. If you haven't stayed up all night in the 24 hour....then congrats you're probably never sleepy and always prepared

25. Can we make a petition to just demolish Henry and start fresh?

26. Raise your hand if you look forward to the hypnotist at first week every year like it's Christmas

27. When you see the nursing students and have to remind yourself they are still students at this school

28. Shout out to the nursing students for real

29. Don't be surprised by all of the outrageous gossip...some call it high school, we call it LaGrange College

30. When getting enough CE credits to graduate is one of your #1 priorities..

31. Getting stuck on the Hawkes elevator

32. Does the caf staff know that some people can't come until after 7?

33. The "Unlimited" meal plan that you can only use a set amount of times a day in certain locations

34. What is the point of a dry campus

35. And if you choose to ignore that....beware of you knowjoewho.

36. Did I mention how terrible parking is?

37. So apparently our campus is haunted

I could honestly go on and on...our campus isn't perfect, but one thing we can all agree is evident is family. Growing up in this tiny town I never knew the experiences and relationships that grew in the depths of our campus, but over the years I have learned that despite the down sides, our campus gives an experience like no other, with life long memories we will never forget.

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