You Don't Have To Buy An iPhone
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You Don't Have To Buy An iPhone

With complaints about the new phone's announcement, it should be said that you actually don't have to buy one.

You Don't Have To Buy An iPhone
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There’s a lot of phones out there and finding the one that’s right for you might be tough. With the announcement of the iPhone 7 you might be wondering if it is the right phone for you, especially with quite a few people voicing concerns that they aren’t happy with the iPhone 7 in some way. With the headphone jack being removed, the emphasis on the new dual lens camera, and the overall lack of much being new besides colors and previously mentioned things many are upset about the new iPhone. But that’s the thing about it: you don’t have to buy an iPhone.

The purpose of this isn’t to list alternatives to the iPhone, or reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy the iPhone 7, and that’s because that’s for you to decide, or for a list on its own. I know it might sound obvious to everyone, but with the amount of complaints that have been arising about the new phone I feel some people may actually need to hear it said that they really don’t have to buy the new iPhone. If you watched the announcement stream like I did or have seen the collection of what was said there and you just can’t see yourself liking these new features, then you don’t have to get an iPhone. You can move on to Samsung or one of the many other companies making new and innovative phones every year. I like jokes about Apple as much as anyone, but they are beginning to get out of hand.

This isn’t to say you can’t complain about things you don’t like about products. It’s just that there’s a point in which you have to decide to either get over it and take the product or move on to something that is more your style. Look back a few years to the Xbox One announcement and subsequent showings at other events. People complained about its unsavory features, such as the inability to share games and the forced always online function. Also the Kinect but that’s its own story. They complained and ranted enough that Microsoft changed or tweaked some of these features before its launch and were able to placate many, but there were still some that complained about the Xbox One and it got annoying then, just as its starting to be annoying now, especially with the biggest complaint being the loss of the headphone jack. I know it’s an inconvenience to have to use an adapter to use your old headphones or to charge your phone while listening to music. But it’s a minor one. The good thing is that the adaptor to listen to music with your old headphones, or non-lighting cable headphones, comes with the phone along with the new headphones. However, the other adapter is one you will have to buy separately, or you could drop some money on their new wireless AirPods if you are looking to spend all of your money.

In the end you have three options: you could just live with the minor inconvenience of having an extra cable on your phone, you could go with a different company and leave Apple behind, or you could just buy a slightly different iPhone as they are still continuing to sell both the 6/6s and the SE. If you want to see if the new iPhone, or other models, is what you want then check out Apple's website. Or check out some Samsung phones on their website if you need some alternatives, maybe look at some of their nice T.V.s. Either way I’ll be here waiting for preorders for the new jet black iPhone 7 to come back around.

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