5 Benefits of Yoga with Mantras for Kids Parents Should Not Ignore
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5 Benefits of Yoga with Mantras for Kids Parents Should Not Ignore

We can empower ourselves and our children to create positive self-beliefs and build a positive mind with mantras, or affirmations. As our children begin to form their own self-beliefs, we can nurture their inner voices using positive phrases. Read on for helpful tips on how you can incorporate affirmations into your child's daily routine.

Mantras for kids

Many people see yoga only as a physical workout that enhances fitness and flexibility which could not be further from the truth. The real objective of yoga with mantra chants is to develop a seamless connection between mind and body in an attempt to achieve soothing calmness and a peaceful personality. This mindfulness enables yogis to acknowledge their surroundings without getting overwhelmed by it. This puts them in a much better position to deal with stressful matters.

Given how our children are growing up in a fast-paced world where they are always in competition with their peers, yoga with mantras can have a wide range of benefits for them. Whether it is the academic race or possession of material things, children often have a deep urge to do better than other kids, and when they cannot, it can be a frustrating experience for them. Yoga can also help with that.

Develop Focus and Concentration

More often than not, children have short attention spans, which keep them distracted. This lack of focus also translates into failure to accomplish simple tasks like homework and house chores. This is also, why many parents struggle with the fact that their kids make certain commitments but completely fail to follow through. It is not because they are not sincere in their convictions but because they can easily lose sight of what is important. Yoga can help them in focusing and concentrating on tasks they have been trusted with so, as a parent, you can rely on them.

Nurturing your children to be focused and farsighted also has long-term benefits. Many children tend to pick up academic and personal growth projects only to get distracted by something new and different. Yoga can assist them in focusing on things they have undertaken driving personal growth and academic excellence. Children who remain focused from their childhood have the potential to go far in their lives.

Positive Reinforcement through Mantras

'Mantra' is an ancient word whose origin is rooted in the Sanskrit language. It simply means a special phrase or word that you use during yoga or other types of meditation for reassurance and affirmation. They are basically positive messages that you give to yourself when you are highly focused and concentrating on self-improvement. If used consistently, mantras can make a difference in terms of how you feel about yourself.

Since children are quite suggestible, chanting mantras during yoga practice can be extremely helpful for their confidence and personal growth. Traditionally, yogis chant 'Om' during their practice but it is not the only chant. You can use any word or phrase that delivers positive reinforcement to their minds, for instance 'let it go', 'I am thankful', 'I can do it', and more. You can change chants depending on what your child is going through to give them the confidence and mental strength they need to cope with their issues.

Builds a Calming Personality

Most children are reactive, unpredictable, and volatile. If something does not go according to their plan, they may throw tantrums, demonstrate aggressive behavior, get into conflicts, or register their displeasure in other childish manners. This is because their minds are not fully developed and they are not equipped with the tools they need to cope maturely with adverse circumstances. That results in uncontrolled reactions, which can manifest themselves as general stubbornness, aggressiveness, and, in some cases, even violence.

Yoga with mantra chanting provides children with a soothing environment and develops a sense of calmness that is usually lacking in their lives. If the yoga practice is coupled with right mantras, children can be conditioned to behave and act in a calm manner, especially when things do not go their way. This helps them in building a calm and collected personality demonstrating enhanced maturity for their age.

Teach Perception and Visualization

Since yoga practice is all about focus and concentration in a peaceful environment, parents can use it as an opportunity to teach their children about perception and visualization. You can direct them to think about negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones through affirmation. For instance, if they want to participate in an event and have a desire to win it, parents can help children visualize themselves winning the first prize. Visualization can be further broken down into smaller goals, which can help children outside of the yoga mat.

Developing a deep perception also means you can teach your children to look at the world, people, and events in a positive light. For example, you can help them see failure as another opportunity to try. Yoga combined with mantras provides parents with a wide range of teaching opportunities that children can take into the real world.

Combine Yoga with Other Calming Activities

If your child has been dealing with mental health or behavioral issues, yoga with mantras can be combined with other activities that deliver positive affirmations for the child. These activities may include:

  • Sketching, painting, or coloring to relieve anxiety and stress
  • Drawing your own portrait and labeling it with your objectives and positive traits
  • Drawing posters of positive reaffirmation and putting them up in their room

This will provide the additional psychological help your child needs to stay positive and feel good about themselves. A child's mind is like a sponge and it can be molded in any way. Using mantras and positive affirmations can prove to be extremely useful.

Final Word

Many parents see yoga as an activity for grown-ups since it involves difficult physical forms and postures. This could not be more wrong as many yoga practices are completely feasible to do with your children. You can find them on YouTube or through a simple Google search. Not only does it provide a physical workout, but parents can also combine it with mantras or positive affirmations to build personality, character, focus, and confidence in their children.

Your child can benefit from yoga and mantras. It is just a matter of giving it a shot.

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