Yoga Poses To Help Stress
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7 Yoga Poses To Ease The Midterm Stress, Pronto

Yoga creates a sense of balance, helping you to feel more...balanced.

7 Yoga Poses To Ease The Midterm Stress, Pronto

I hope these will help y'all like they're starting to help me! Also, try picturing you're on a tropical beach :)

1. Tree pose

Bring left foot to the right foot's inner thigh, and hold with your hands in a prayer pose.

2. Child's pose

Tuck your feet behind you and kneel, then extend your arms out as far as you can.

3. Cobra

Touch your hips to the floor, and lift up your chest with your arms. Hold!

4. Mountain pose

With this pose, you want to remember that you're being held up by a string--remember to lift up your chest and press the tops of your shoulders down.

5. Bridge pose

Lie down with feet hips' width apart, then use your core to lift your butt.

6. Cat/Cow Pose

Position hands and knees on the floor, alternating between lifting back towards the ceiling, and arching back towards the floor.

7. Corpse pose

Lay on your back and rest your arms along your side, palms up.

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