10 Yiddish Words For Every Uncanny College Situation
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10 Yiddish Words For Every Uncanny College Situation

When you just don't know the right word, Yiddish has got Jew covered!

10 Yiddish Words For Every Uncanny College Situation

When you just can't think of the right word or phrase, just say it in Yiddish. Yiddish, a mix of Hebrew and German has us covered for those Oy Vey college moments.

1. Schlep

"My classes today are so far away from each other, it's such a schlep!"

2. Shvitzing

"I practically ran to class so I'd make it on time and I'm shvitzing so hard!"

3. Chutzpah

"Did you see her/him dancing with your ex at that party? She/he has such chutzpah."

4. Shmuck

"That frat guy was such a shmuck; I can't believe he never texted you back"

5. Oy Vey

"Oy vey, I totally didn't study enough for that exam!"

6. Tshatshke

"I was so excited to get cool free things at the activities fair, but all I got were these tshatskes."

7. Tushy

"I worked my tushy off on that paper and I didn't do so groovy"

8. Shmutz

"We just cleaned the dorm, but there's shmutz everywhere!"

9. Shpiel

"The professor was angry that no one did well on the last exam and gave the class a long shpiel for the entire lecture"

10. Meshuguna

"College is so stressful and I'm going meshuguna!"

Yiddish has been around for quite awhile, but it's more useful now more than ever for college students to be able to properly express their thoughts!

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