Three Must Read Yen Press Series
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Three Must Read Yen Press Series

These two Japanese light novels and one manga series are a unique spread sure to satisfy your story cravings!

Three Must Read Yen Press Series

Yen Press carries a great variety of manga, light novels, graphic novels, and individual chapter updates. Many of their series have both physical and digital options. If you're looking for a great place to start, here's a classic throwback title in its original light novel form, a strong light novel series that has something for everyone, and a manga series that will give you a stunning, raw slice of life.

1. Baccano! Light Novels

I'd dare to say Baccano! is a household name for anime fans as it's one of those series most people can claim to have seen and was a common watch for people new to anime somewhere around the 2010-2014 era (and maybe even now, too). However, the story is originally a light novel and whether you've seen the anime or read the manga, or don't know the series at all, the light novels are a whole new experience! Set in New York in 1931, the story is told from multiple perspectives, which is one of its charming points. Nearly everything and everyone is interconnected in some way in this wild ride of organized crime, bank robbers, bootleggers, assassins, and homunculi. Even if you aren't a fan of prohibition settings or organized-crime themes, the unique style, way of story-telling, and underlying plot lines may make it still worth a read for you!

2. Strike The Blood Light Novels

Strike The Blood does an amazing job building a world that feels so effortlessly constructed and melds well with our own perception of how society operates and what we may expect the near future to hold. The main protagonist Kojou Akatsuki is both easy to identify with and admire. His special role as accidentally becoming the Fourth Primogenitor, the most powerful vampire, among a world of supernatural entities and many types of factions trying to manage them in their own ways creates an interesting story as we watch him navigate this new situation while trying to keep his ordinary student life. A story like this can be at risk for not providing a protagonist enough agency but Strike The Blood doesn't fall in that pit. Kojou makes his own choices of right and wrong from the beginning. There is a large cast of strong women he meets and who become potential love interests, however each girl is unique with their own backgrounds, motivation, and choices, creating another line-up of characters easy to feel for.

3. Scum's Wish

Scum's Wish is a truly refreshing take on high school romance. The main characters Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya are both in love with teachers who seemingly have feelings for each other, and so Hanabi and Mugi decide to make a pact to date each other. However, life will always be crazier and crueler than one expects and the raw emotion and realism used to portray this ride of ups and downs should be applauded. From unforeseen sex escapades to brutal schemes, Scum's Wish is an entertaining, relatable study of the complicated emotions of humans.

Whether you want a realistic romance, to be transported back into the 1930s, or lose yourself in a technologically advanced fantasy world, these three Yen Press series are a great place to start. Be sure to check out their other series too (I like to scroll through their series tab and their new print releases tab). As mentioned, many of their titles come in ebook format, too, if you'd rather enjoy on your phone, tablet, or computer.

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