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3 Reasons Why I Believe That Yellow Is The Best Color

I get quite shocked on how the color, yellow is not among the majority favorite because it is my favorite color.


Throughout my life, many people have said to me their favorite colors are blue, red, green, pink and etc. I get quite shocked by how the color, yellow is not among the majority favorite because it is my favorite color. Only a rare amount of people I encounter has said that yellow is their favorite color. Despite the rare amount, I am happy that I love the color, yellow. I believe that yellow is one of the best colors to love and here are three reasons why:

1. It's an outstandingly bright color

The color, yellow stands out very much when being near objects that have different colors than yellow. This color is very hard to miss and easy to look at. The bright color, yellow is also very helpful to see in the dark especially when the color is used in lights. The bright color, yellow mostly stands out especially in Christmas lights that I adore putting on every year on my Christmas tree. I also like coloring and highlighting letters and titles in yellow because it really helps make them stand out and easy to read.

2. It's a beautiful color

To me, yellow is the most beautiful color that I have ever seen throughout my life. I see yellow everywhere on beautiful things as well. Such examples are sunflowers, the sun, leaves, and etc. The color itself makes food look more delicious such as popcorn, corn, lemons, bananas and etc. Moreover, yellow makes clothes look even more fashionable especially in the summertime, such as t-shirts, blouses, skirts, shoes, and etc. Even important and famous characters are the color yellow, such as Tweety Bird, Pikachu, and etc.

3. The color makes me feel happy

There are many instances that every time that I see the color, yellow, the color itself gives that happy, warm feeling inside. Yellow is usually associated with the symbolism of hope and happiness. I get this happy, warm feeling whenever I see the sunflowers and the sun. Due to this effect of making me feel happy, the color yellow is the personalized touch for me when it comes to decorating my room or personal things. Also, I associate the color yellow with the meaning of hopes and dreams of success. The color also makes me feel very motivated and encouraged.

What's your favorite color and why?

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