10 Things To Know About 'Roma's' Yalitza Aparicio

10 Things To Know About 'Roma's' Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza is making major headlines as the first indigenous woman to be nominated for lead actress at The Academy Awards.


Yalitza is the star of the Netflix film "Roma" which has been nominated for several Academy Awards. Yalitza has been thrust into the limelight ever since getting recognition for her role as Cleo, the housemaid in the film. Here are some fun facts about this queen.

1. Yalitza was a preschool teacher

She had a degree in early childhood education while pursuing another degree in pre-school education before starring in "Roma." This brings to light how indigenous women and men are continuing in higher education.

2. She is the second Mexican actress to be nominated for an Oscar

Yalitza got nominated for best actress and I almost had tears of joy. She is the second Mexican actress to be nominated behind Salma Hayek who got nominated for her portrayal of Frida Khalo.

3. Her older sister was suppose to audition for the role of Cleo in Roma

Yalitza's sister was pregnant at the time and asked Yalitza to audition for her, bur Yalitza was skeptical about the whole ordeal. She went to the audition as a favor to her sister and gave it her all, which stirred emotions for Alfonso Cuarón who based the film on his memories of his nanny growing up.

4. Yalitza has three emotional scenes: Spoiler 

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Yalitza started with the first scene that was emotional to film, which was the scene where she was in a furniture store and her ex began pointing a gun at her. The second scene is where Yalitza's character is giving birth to her stillborn child. The last scene is where Cleo has to rush in the water to save the kids from drowning.

5. She has been facing racist comments on her looks and being indigenous, but remains classy. 

Although fame and recognition can be positive, fame does come with negative aspects. Yalitza has been criticized for her beauty, skin tone, and being indigenous. In an article in indiewire, that she did pose for her Vogue cover to be the face of Mexico. Bur Yalitza has shown more representation for the indigenous population.

6. She is from indigenous origin - her father is Mixtec and her mother is Triqui

Yalitza stays true to her character Cleo by being 100% indigenous and really understand how the indigenous population was treated in the seventies in Mexico.

7. Yalitza has been nominated for nine awards for her portrayal of Cleo in the film Roma

I hope "Roma" wins some or even all the nominations for this years Academy Awards because not only is it a cinematic masterpiece, but it also brings up pivotal moments in Mexican history that people may not know about.

8. She took the role of Cleo as a tribute to her mother

Yalitza dedicated the role of Cleo to her mother. She stated in an ET article, "At first, this was an opportunity to pay tribute to my mother for her work. She too is a housekeeper, but now I realize this film is an opportunity to show all domestic workers the importance of their role within a family unit."

I love this quote because it gives depth to her but also to her character Cleo.

9. Yalitza is the first indigenous woman to be on the cover of Vogue Mexico

It is so refreshing to have to have an indigenous woman on the cover of Vogue. It opens up discussion on the indigenous community and their values in society.

10. A subjective opinion on Yalitza is that she has amazing fashion

Yalitza has definitely become one of my favorite fashion icons. She can dress casual, classy and elegant, but also chic. I definitely cannot wait to see what she will wear to the Academy Awards.

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There's A Perfect Luke Combs Song For Every Situation

If you're going through ANY kind of situation, Luke probably has a song for it.


Saying that I'm a Luke Combs-lover would be an understatement. I've seen him in concert almost more times to count on two hands, I've met him, I have his autograph... I'm a little obsessed. Knowing every lyric to every song of his is definitely a talent. He is an incredible artist and has gotten me through every tough time I've ever been through.

1. "One Number Away"

If you have an ex who you really just want to pick up the phone and call sometimes, then this song is definitely for you. It has such a strong meaning explaining that if you're just lonely and missing someone that you probably shouldn't, they're only one number away..

2. "When It Rains It Pours"

Having a bunch of bad crap happen all at once is awful, but then again, it sometimes works out for the best. If you've ever had a bad day or week where it just seems that one bad thing is happening after another, then this is definitely a jam for you.

3. "This Ones For You"

If you have that certain person or group of people that really have always been there for you and helped shape you into the person that you are today and you really feel like you owe them something, this is the perfect song that will really put into words how you're feeling!

4. "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Sometimes we take what we have for granted, and we don't realize what we have or how good we have it until its gone. Most could say they've been in this situation once or twice or at least know someone that has. If so, I highly recommend listening to this gem by Luke!

5. "Must've Never Met You"

We have all had that one person in our lives that we have ended things with and we have all of these people trying to be positive saying, "Oh, it gets better," or "The grass is greener on the other side." Sometimes that can be hard for us to believe. This is definitely a super meaningful song especially if you've ever been in a situation like that.

6. "She Got The Best Of Me"

If you have ever been with someone who truly has got the best of you, and when it's over you kinda just feel like there's nothing left of you, then you DEFINITELY need to hear this song!

There are so many more Luke Combs songs that have such deep meanings and backgrounds that could fit the perfect situation for you. Luke really is such a great artist with the best intentions for his fanbase, The Bootleggers. Go check him out, I promise you won't regret it!

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7 Things We Should be Talking About Instead of James Charles

Not to sound like Shane Dawson, but did the government put them up to this publicity stunt?


If you're an avid YouTube watcher such as myself, I'm sure you're fully aware of the drama between James Charles and Tati. If you're not, it's really okay, and I'm super impressed with your ability to NOT become wrapped up in trending drama and gossip. Unfortunately, this argument that is BLOWING UP social media could not have come at a more inconvenient time. Young people are so distracted by this sugar fluff honey bear scandal that they aren't talking about real news that actually matters. I mean think about it, what other trending topic surfaced at the same time as this one? That's right-ABORTION! Our nation's most controversial topic that literally has to do with life and death is being overpowered by a conversation about sponsorships and apology videos. I may have been watching to many of Shane Dawson's conspiracy theories lately, but doesn't it seem like the populace should be talking about more pressing topics? Is this all a publicity stunt to divert our attention away from subjects that matter-such as the laws that literally weave the fabric of our nation? Not to be dramatic or anything, but I can think of 7 things off the top of my head that I'd rather hear people talk about than James Charles.

1. The abortion bills

I'm not one to encourage political arguments, but I'd much rather consider a well-thought out conversation about things that are changing our nation's history and possibly reversing Supreme Court decisions than millionaires with makeup. Women are being robbed of a life-altering choice and the nation is more worried about the "tea" about James and Tati? I don't think so.

2. India's water crisis

Because of drought and serious climate change, villages in Delhi, India don't see water for 10 days at a time. They need it for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and washing, so the few jugs they can fill up when a water truck comes has to be rationed over more than a week. Can you imagine using only one jug of water for 10 days? James Charles can save his ass and use his fortune to donate some water to India.

3. Climate change, and people not believing in it

More than one-eighth of ALL of Earth's species are at risk of extinction. Over a million animals, plants, corals, and insects are on that list. President Trump and his administration are not prioritzing the environment or the obvious effects of climate change-such as the California wildfires which he claimed started because the mountains "just need more raking and cleaning". Let's talk about ways we can be more sustainable in our everyday energy use instead of using technology and our own energy to talk shit online!

4. Bill Nye's inspiring comeback

If Bill Nye has to come so far out of retirement from the point we thought he was dead just to tell us we're f*cking up our planet, we must really be f*cking up our planet.

5. An extinct species of bird came back from the dead

Okay so we're talking about makeup moguls more than a literal LIVING ZOMBIE? The white-throated rail quite literally evolved and re-populated the island it once left behind. Science is crazy.

6. Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage

We love a good leader. Especially a ballsy one who gives people the rights they deserve despite an entire, large continent around them disagreeing.

7. Anything else...at all

Talk to me about how paper is made or how our bodies break down enzymes or some shit. Let's watch paint dry and listen to classical music. All of these options bode a better result for our mental health as well as our society.

It infuriated me that shootings in schools close to home and terrorist attacks all across the world are more expected to pop up in the news than a teenage millionaire losing fans due to inappropriate behavior. What we expect from our media is incredibly reflective of our society, and I'm sad to say it's pretty embarrassing that the masses, including myself, know more about James Charles's career than the 2020 election or the explosions that injured tourists in Egypt.

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