XXXTentacion death theories

On June 18, 2018, the entire internet was shocked to hear that rapper XXXTentacion had been shot and killed in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Since then, controversy has sparked worldwide. Because of XXXTentacion's troubling past, some people are making nasty remarks on how he deserved it. Supporters, however, are mourning his death.

Every single time someone dies, there has to be a couple of theories thrown out. The internet has gone out of hand.

There are an estimated 25 theories surrounding XXXTentacion's murder.

Whatever the case may be, it is never okay to create theories over someone's death.

You're theorizing the death of someone's son, friend, or brother, and you think it's okay?

It's not.

It's beyond disrespectful to his family, friends, and even fans. However, it seems as it's mostly fans who are doing this.

It doesn't matter how much evidence you have for a certain theory, it doesn't matter how much trust you have in a theory or how much you're promoting it.

You're pretty much mocking the reason or why someone is dead. That's almost as bad, if not equally as bad, as saying he deserved it.

I understand the curiosity, but imagine if this was your family member who passed, or your close friend.

You wouldn't want people guessing around on how they died, would you?

The moral answer would be no, you wouldn't.

Therefore, these theories are getting out of hand, and you will never see me supporting any of them.

Even if X is faking his own death, it's impolite to just assume automatically that he is.

Have. Some. Respect.

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