Writing A Research Paper, As Told By "Parks And Recreation"

Research papers are an essential to college, as well as Netflix. Who better to know the stress of research papers than the people who watch to avoid writing them? The parks department of Pawnee knows what's up.

1. As your professor hands out the prompt, you begin to prep yourself.

2. And then you read the prompt.

3. But you're determined to ace this paper.

4. You have an epiphany and come up with a genius idea for your paper.

5. No worries, you've got this now.

6. Now you're ready to start.

7. And then you realize you have no idea what you're doing.

8. You text your class GroupMe and realize everybody else is in the same boat.

9. Procrastination mode ensues.

10. You write the first few pages and realize you've earned a break.

11. Which consists of D.P. Dough.

12. And wine.

13. Then you realize how much time you've wasted screwing around.

14. You need coffee stat.

15. The caffeine buzz hits. You get plenty of work done, but you really just feel like this.

16. And then the crash comes.

17. Like clockwork, your mom texts you and asks how you're doing.

18. You begin to think about the good old days back in high school, when "Twilight" was all that mattered.

19. You give everyone who walks by you in the library the same look.

20. You start using fancy words in your paper to make yourself look smart.

21. Morale is low as you near the finish line.

22. Then you finally finish and all is right in the world. Time to party.

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