Writing began as a hobby that I grew to love. It started as something small. As I got older, I began to take delight in it more and more, especially when I get to write about what I enjoy or what I'm interested in.

In school, we are constantly getting assigned essays to write in a particular format that need to answer specific questions. We are told what to write about for each class, which most people, including myself, do not appreciate. I love to write, but when I have to research and write pages on a topic that I don't find interesting, it's difficult to take pleasure in it.

Whether "writing" means writing an article for the world to see or simply a letter for only one person's eyes, it doesn't matter. Having the ability to put certain words together to create a sentence that forms an image in the audience's eyes will never fail to amaze me. For some, the question "Why write or read when you can just watch a movie?" may cross their minds.

Reading books is extremely different than seeing a movie because you are using other senses in numerous ways. Regarding movies, your eyes witness fast moving pixels that are forming images to catch your attention and your ears are overwhelmed by noises that help bring that imagery to life.

But with a book, you aren't given these things. You are in more control here. You construct them yourself. In writings, the words formed together cause your mind to see images in your own way. You will see the descriptions of characters and environments differently than anyone else will. You're creating your own world in the way you dream of seeing it.

I'm no professional writer. I'm a college student who enjoys to write. I may not have a worldwide best-seller published one day, but that's completely OK. What once began as a hobby in my life became something much more than that.

A "hobby" is defined as "an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure." I do write for pleasure in my own free time, but it is still more than simply a hobby. It's purely a way of life. Writing has become a part of my life and it has given me the ability to create.

The process of becoming educated means having to study and write about topics that may not be of interest to you, but that's how we become graduates and move into the real world. Along the way, it's important to leave room for what you truly like to do; for me, this involves writing. Writing relieves stress for some and brings individuals to a new world that they have created. It has a stronger meaning than most people are aware of and this meaning deserves to be known.

Writing is more than a hobby. It is much, much more than that. It doesn't only bring words to life, but it gives a place to escape to. Writing means giving other people material to read; it welcomes others into your creativity. It means having time to think before sharing your own stories and the fictional stories you've imagined; it gives you time for imagination and creativity.

Writing is more than a hobby and more than random words. It's an aspect of life that grows to be a part of you.