Eight Things Writers are Tired of Hearing about Wanting to be a Writer

Eight Things Writers are Tired of Hearing about Wanting to be a Writer

Those who wish to be writers have certain lines that just make them tick here are eight of those to avoid.


When people ask what you want to do as your career of choice, you always expect a rather positive if not well wishing response. And yet for writers that is more often than not the case, you have people who support the idea. And then you have people who have to say just that certain line that makes all writers internally scream. So here are eight things writers are tired of hearing when it comes to being a writer.

1. “Why writing?”

What do you mean why writing? Have you ever read a book so amazing you were compelled to reread or tell your friends? Writers want to write to give others that experience and to get their ideas and stories out there for others to experience and relate to.

2. “Oh well what will be your main job to pay the bills?”

Okay, we get it. The writing industry is a tough one to get into, but that question is one of the most discouraging things you can ever say to someone who wants to be a writer. Because we are so passionate about this career choice that we don’t even want to have to consider a second job.

3. “But writing is really only a hobby.”

Excuse you, J.K. Rowling has proven writing isn’t just a hobby. Stephen King does not treat it like it is a hobby. Writing can be a career for those who want it to be, don’t downplay someone's dreams like that.

4. “But don’t you find writing to be so boring? I know I do.”

No, clearly if this is something someone wants to do they probably don’t find it boring. And yes well we get most people are not a fan of writing, they do tend to be fans of reading so hush up and let us write without your comments added to the mix.

5. “So you like to write? Will you take a look at this (Insert something involving writing here) for me?”

This one can really depend on both the writer and what exactly the person asking is looking for. But sometimes just because you write doesn’t mean you want to read the poem someone wrote five years ago that they don’t really want feedback for they just want compliments.

6. “Have you ever thought about doing this instead and writing on the side?”

Have we? Honestly, probably. Will we actually do that? Most likely not.

7. “And what if you don’t succeed?”

And what if the world ends? We don’t have time for what if’s we have more stuff to go write.

8. “Oh so you are good at writing then?”

Well..I mean if this is what we want to do don’t you think we must have a bit of skill at it?

There are just eight of some of the most annoying rage inducing things that can be said to a writer. So with that in mind go out and be kind to the writer you know, ask questions but never doubt our choices we made them because it is what we so badly want.

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