Writer's Block Isn't Real
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Writer's Block Isn't Real

I would say being stuck is from a lack of experiencing unknown territory.


Inspiration is everywhere. It's within every single person you encounter. It's the air you breathe and the things you touch. It's the conversations that strike a nerve or touch your heart. It's the words that remind you of someone or some place that makes you feel at home.

So, how can a writer suffer from writer's block in this case?

I feel that writers forget to take in the world around them, and when it comes down to ideas, they don't know where to look. They think that inspiration should pop out of the woodwork saying, "Write about me!"

But, in reality, it's everywhere.

During this millennial age, I find it easier to take in the world by literally observing. I do my best to keep my phone in my pocket whenever I'm out experiencing life. When I do, I begin to hyperfocus on the finer details, the details that make the gears in my brain turn into various ideas that I can put onto paper.

I have also found that, by letting myself feel emotions completely, on either side of the spectrum, it fuels the act of writing itself. If I'm feeling passionate, writing free-verse poetry helps to portray what I'm feeling.

If I'm feeling lost, or even just encountered something that changed me in a way, I enjoy reflecting in my journal. By doing so, it helps me to dissect my thoughts; it's quite therapeutic.

But even just by journaling throughout the week, I'm keeping records of the things that help motivate me to write, especially when I travel and experience new places.

If writers were to exercise these skills of simply observing the environments they're in, they would find that there is always something to talk about. If it starts to get repetitive or boring, it should be time to expand horizons and experience life in a different way.

This means get out of your hometown, surround yourself with strangers, or even take yourself to a restaurant you've never eaten at before.

Listening more than speaking definitely helps in this process. It's also beneficial to experience through your senses and live in the moment, as opposed to always letting your mind run elsewhere. Experiencing through the senses aids in the actual fleshing-out process, allowing for there to be a foundation to build off of.

By letting yourself breathe in the moment, you can get the most out of observing the details instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. The present should be the main focus, so just sit back and let the ideas flow!

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