How To Write Odyssey Articles When You Have Writer's Block

If you are a fellow Odyssey author, then I know you've had some sort of writer's block. We've ALL been there. Then on top of writer's block, there's the issue of getting our articles in on time. It can be a lot. But there is a good strategy that I use to not only come up with ideas but also to get articles on time too.

Let's tackle the first problem: coming up with ideas. Since I'm pretty good with deadlines, this was always the problem I had. It would be hard to come up with something not only relevant but also interesting and unique. It wasn't until recently that I found the perfect solution to this problem.

My brother has recently gotten into leisure writing and purchased a writing prompt book from Target (gotta love that place). All it is is a journal that tops every page with a writing prompt and space to answer the question. I look through his book and pick out a couple prompts that I like. Then, I sit down and brainstorm specific odyssey article ideas based on the topics. Some of my personal favorite prompts are simply answering questions, such as "What's your ideal day?" or "What's a goal for the year?" Mostly, articles can't be written directly from the prompt, but a version of the prompt helps get the process going.

You don't have to go to target to buy a book to get some topics, but it is helpful. You can always check out Pinterest or other online blogs for writing prompts to help you get started. Just always remember to give it your own personal flair!

After you have topics, it's time to write. I always feel I do my worst writing when I wait until deadline day. So instead, like I pick a time shortly after deadline day to write my articles for the following weeks. This way, there is less pressure and the articles don't feel so forced. I find a spot free of distractions (currently it's at the beach) and just write. Also, I try to write at least two or three articles. This way, I don't have to brainstorm as often and the pressure is off for the coming weeks.

After I write a few articles, I pick one out and move on to my least favorite, but easiest part of the entire process--designing the article on Muse. This is where we find pictures, write headlines, and make social media captions. It never takes too long since I already have the articles written, but I simply find it tedious. At this point in the process, the only advise I have to give is to just sit down and do it.

But luckily, after I finish designing the article on Muse, I'm done! Everyone has a favorite and least favorite part of the writing process. What's yours?

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