Admittedly, it is peculiar for me, a teenager, to be writing on this topic. But, I see a fallacious inconsistency within the self-love movement that must be addressed by someone. And I like my self-love like I like my feminism: intersectional and available for all.

The trend of body positivity, imperfect as it is, often times neglects to appreciate the beauty of years in physicality. Particularly in the United States, ageism is prevalent. So as a person who will be getting wrinkles in the next few decades, I wanted to stick up for something that you and I will have to face later: ourselves in the mirror.

Time rolls by without concern for how humans feel. It is, by definition, uncontrollable. Therefore, it is mind-boggling how humans apologize for aging. It is the moment to realize that no responsible choices or face creams can stop time or the inevitability of the emergence of lines on your face.

That sentiment doesn't mean we should frown at wrinkles in defeat. We ought to welcome them and the grey hairs and whatever else comes naturally. The smile lines or eye crinkles are not damning pieces of evidence that criminalize you for growing old nor are they the start of the end of your reign as an attractive person.

Wrinkles disclose a wonderful story about you. They can be your tiger stripes or they can act as a map of your journeys around the sun.

Do you think you get deep laugh lines without having a good time? Of course not.

Do you think those creases on your forehead happen without all that diligent brainpower you used while studying late into the night in pursuit of your aspirations? Again, no.

Every wrinkle on your face has a purpose and a delightful origin tale. The places you've been and the lives you've touched are reflected in you. Generally speaking, the "body-posi" movement has failed its mission by glossing over many stigmatized physical features including (but not limited to) aging in favor of more marketable quirks to love about bodies. They laud curvy (but not too curvy) bodies rather than bodies that are just as valid to praise.

So yeah, this article might be strange to write given that I am 19 and the age demographic for "Odyssey" users is college-aged adults. However, you can still get something valuable out of reading this piece! I hope to call you to action. Be prepared to cherish yourself when the wrinkles come (because they will). Better yet, next time your mom says something negative about her wrinkles in the mirror, prove to her that it's truly fine to age!

All in all, new features on your face are always additives that give you character. Adore them and welcome them like you have adored and welcomed the experiences that gave you those wrinkles in the first place.