Wpit18 Com Registration Process: Is It Legit Or Not?
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Wpit18 Com Registration Process: Is It Legit Or Not?

Wpit18 Com Registration

Wpit18 Com Registration Process: Is It Legit Or Not?

Most people are having trouble registering at Wpit18 Com and are looking for a solution. You have come to the right place if you know about this site and its features.

This website is widely used in the Philippines and is known by WPC and affiliated with it. Its registration process is complicated if you follow our guidelines carefully. It will help you to understand how to sign up for Wpit18.Com.

What is the World Pitmaster Cup?

The Pitmaster World Cup is where roosters fight each other. The game is popular in the Philippines, although many countries have imposed restrictions and banned the game due to animal violations. However, WPC is still common in some nations around the world.

What are the WPC rules?

Every game played in this world has rules and regulations that players or participants must follow. Similarly, the WPC2027 has specific rules for participants to follow, which are outlined below.

If anyone wants to be a part of this game, they must be matched with the WPC administrators.

The game is captured by announcing and arranging matches accordingly.

The most important rule of the game is the rooster must be healthy

The rooster should not mate for 2 to 3 months to avoid any abnormalities.

What is the difference between Wpc15 and Wpit18?

Wpit18 or world pitmaster but Wpc15 is different, Wpc15 is the world pitmaster cup held twice a year. In addition, this is a competition where hundreds of roosters want to participate each year. Filipinos have trained their cocks to compete in this war. Many people think that the game is banned, but it is not. The game is still popular and is being played in other countries, including the Philippines.

What is the Wpit18 process?

Wpit18 Com is a website to help people know about information related to the World Pitmaster game and its rules. You can register yourself in this game by using this website. Writing is the first step in making your cock fight in this tournament.

Once the registration is complete, participants must obey and follow the rules if they want to be in the game until their time. After that, the roosters will be named according to the program of competition and fighting. During the game the roosters are closely monitored to avoid injury in order to prevent important incidents.

What is the registration process for Wpit18 Com?

The registration process is straightforward and you do not need to follow the list of steps you need to register yourself. To do so, visit the Wpit18 Com subscription. Then create your account. It will ask for your personal information, such as name, email, and password. Once you have subscribed, select a category based on your cock.

What are the Features of Wpit18 Com?

Many other websites offer live streaming of matchups to the World pitmaster. However, Wpit18 offers more services than other websites. Below are the features that will be provided by Wpit18 Com.

  • This website allows you to earn money
  • You can make 5000 to 15000 per game
  • Wpit18 Com offers online transfers.
  • Provides HD quality for live streaming
  • It provides its services 24/7

Is Wpit18 legal?

This Wait 18 is legal in some countries but is severely restricted worldwide. Some of the titles and matches in this game are very dangerous for your cocks. If you plan to make your rooster fight at silver or gold level, think a thousand times because roosters may lose their lives and have a higher chance of serious injury. For this reason, it is banned in many countries but is still legal in the Philippines. You can check its website and read all the rules and regulations on Wpit18 Com.


Wpit18 is doing very well in providing its best services to people who are interested in the World pitmaster game. Every Filipino man, with strong cocks, wants to fight in this tournament, and thousands of people have signed up for Wpit18 Com. In addition, the features that Wpit18 Com offers are not limited to other websites. Many websites offer their services in this field by asking for money first. The game involves gambling and Cockfighting. Your cock's health is not safe if you take part in this game, so think about it many times before you get into it.

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