I don't know how some people and can go through life and not have anything to do with their moms.

Yes, I know some people don't have the best relationships with their moms, and it's actually very sad. I could not go a day without talking to my mom or even seeing her.

I am going to talk my mom up a little bit right now for you all. I love her so much, she's the most amazing woman in this entire world, I don't know what I would do without her! She is my personal cheerleader, that's for sure!

Anyone that knows my mom knows that she can meet you one time and even if you aren't her biological child, you are basically now adopted. When we eat, you eat. If you need a place to stay, she will open our door and let you stay with us!

I want to thank my mom for going to all of my sporting events and all my Girl Scout meetings! I could not even begin to explain how much that means to me; you are amazing!

I text my mom for every little thing in my life; I text her just to text her, she gets annoyed sometimes because most of the time, I don't actually need anything... I'm just texting her to be annoying, but I still text or call her daily even if I'm in the same house. I still text her to let her know I love her! Okay, okay, you caught me; most of the time I'm in my room and just don't want to go downstairs to do my own laundry so I text her to ask her to, but then I tell her I love her.

I don't know how people can live without their moms being there for them all the time! I give them a lot of credit for not having their moms around all the time, I know I couldn't do it! Yes I get it some people can't have a relationship with their moms but I feel bad!

I know some people have lost their moms at a young age and I pray for you all. I couldn't live without my mom, it makes you so strong! I love you all!

My mom is my entire world! Without her, I wouldn't be half the woman I am now! She has taught me to be a strong, independent, hard-working woman! I learned from the best! She's the most amazing woman. I have seen my mom at her all-time low and her absolute best. I have supported her through it all - as her daughter, I feel it's my job to be there for her like she is for me!

I know I don't say this nearly as much as I possibly should, I absolutely adore you! I love you so much!

To those of you that aren't fortunate enough to be able to say that you love your mom all the time, I am so sorry! If you are able to say it, I want you to hug her tight and tell her you love her!