I wrote this poem to be published by another group, but that didn't happen. I'd been having a number of issues with the head of that community, so I quit. I'll probably write about that next week. Or possibly the week after that, because a lot's been going on since I've last posted here; and, a lot's still going on because it's exam week, so I haven't really had the time to sit and write.

So here's the poem; it's about cults:

Would you sell your soul to be a part of something that made you feel bigger,

something that made you stand taller,

something that made your life feel less inconsequential?

Would you sell your soul to feel something like love,

for something like friendship,

or family,

for something to hold on to?

Would you sell your soul for someone to hug you

for someone to hold you

to touch you?

How much would it take?