Worst Tasting Starbucks Drinks

Okay, before I start this rant, allow me to preface that I am a Starbucks aficionado. All of my Snapchats usually include me drinking Starbucks about three times a week and I have various Instagram pictures of Starbucks. However, Starbucks is normally my quick fix because I prefer quaint little cafes, but they do have some amazing drinks that I just adore! Although I am a well known Starbucks addict, there are a few drinks that aren't particularly my favorite. So here is a list of Starbucks drinks that I don't love a latte!

1. Caffe Americano

So for those that don't know, an Americano is espresso with water poured over it to produce a light layer of cream. I absolutely cannot stand Americanos from Starbucks. They are watered down and they honestly disgust me. I usually opt for one from my local cafe instead. To me, it tastes like water, and trust me, I know I'm a caffeine addict, so my version of watered down may be different, but believe me when I say it's universal.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuccino

Okay, the infamous PSL is probably my favorite drink from Starbucks to ever exist but as a frappuccino, the thought of it makes me nauseous. To me it tastes like unbaked pumpkin pie filling blended with ice, it's just too rich and bland.

3. Eggnog Latte

I don't know why I hate this drink. I love eggnog and I love lattes but this just tastes gross to me. The warm eggnog makes me feel like I'm drinking half scrambled eggs! Yuck!

4. Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino

This frappuccino was recommended to me by a friend. I expected it to taste like a caramel infused cinnamon roll, but it just tasted like watered down coffee and made me feel like I just did the cinnamon challenge.

5. Pink Drink

Okay, the strawberry acai is great, I love it with and without lemonade. A friend of mine even recommends it with strawberries, blackberries, and light ice, and it's fantastic. However, as a pink drink, I can't stand it. Maybe for a cute Instagram, but other than that, I'll pass on this one.

6. Iced Salted Caramel Mocha

I used to love this drink, but now the mocha flavor is too strong. If you like mocha, this might be the drink for you.

7. Gingerbread Latte

I love gingerbread, it's one of my favorite holiday cookies, but this Starbucks drink is way too spicy for my taste.

8. Violet Drink

Roses may be red, but this violet drink always leaves me feeling blue.

9. Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte

I love pumpkin spice as much as the next girl, but please don't put it in everything!

10. Shaken Sweet Tea

I get they call it sweet tea, but this drink is too sweet for my taste.

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