6 Male Protagonists From Romantic Movies That Are Actually Toxic

6 Male Protagonists From Romantic Movies That Are Actually Toxic

Are they super romantic or super creepy?

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There are some male protagonists in romantic movies who are romantic. Then there are others, who exhibit characteristics that are anything but romantic: like stalking, extreme jealousy, and emotional toxicity.

1. Noah Calhoun, "The Notebook"

He's every girl's dream guy...or is he? Reminder: he threatened to kill himself if Allie didn't go on a date with him, which is a really concerning strategy.

2. Benjamin Braddock, "The Graduate"

Everyone loves to hate on the cougar Mrs. Robinson, but Benjamin plays a large role in destroying families and relationships.

3. Mark, "Love Actually"

He's a stalker. Even the actor who played Mark, Andrew Lincoln, admitted it.

4. Jerry Maguire, "Jerry Maguire"

You had me at... emotionally toxic and complicated. Jerry is indecisive in his love for Dorothy and causes a lot of drama for her.

5. Gatsby, "The Great Gatsby"

Devoting your entire life to attract the attention of the one who got away? That's intense and it puts a lot of pressure on Daisy.

6. Christian Grey, "50 Shades Of Grey"

He's possessive. He's overly jealous. He's a stalker. He's controlling. Christian Grey is arguably the epitome of creepy.

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