We've all had that one class that we know from the beginning was going to be torture.

You know the one where you read the online reviews and think, "well maybe they have changed," and you turned out to be totally wrong?

These are all of the things you tend to hear that professor say and silently cry to yourself about the torture you have subjected yourself to all because you didn't want to wait another semester to take the class.

1. "POP QUIZ!"

2. "Cumulative final"

3. "No extra credit"

4. "I never cancel class"

5. "Homework over break"

6. "You have to buy the textbook(s)"

7. "I wrote the textbook(s)"

8. "I'm sick but there is a sub"

9. "Attendance is a part of your grade"

10. "Group projects"

11. "Oral presentations every couple of weeks"

12. "I don't drop any grades"

13. "I don't round up grades"

14. "Tests will have to be written in a blue book"

15. "I don't use visual aids"

16. "We cover 3+ chapters a week"

17. "If you're late, you won't be counted as here"

18. "You earn participation points every class"

19. "I will never dismiss early"

20. "I laugh at the mean reviews on RateMyProfessor"

21. "I'm tenured"

22. "My class average is normally a high C or low B"

23. "No make-up tests/quizzes"

24. "No computers/technology in my class"

25. "All of your written papers must have an annotated bibliography"

26. "If your phone goes off in my class I will ask you to leave"

27. "Fall asleep in my class, I dare you."

28. "No food or drinks (besides water) allowed in my classroom"

29. "This class won't be easy"

30. "You have a fourth exam, a 15-page paper, group project, and a personal assessment all due 2 days before your final exam."