Worse Things About Being Natural in Florida
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Worse Things About Being Natural in Florida

As much as I love my natural hair, it's versatility, and it's character; sometimes, living in Florida becomes a nightmare!

Worse Things About Being Natural in Florida
Bianca Taylor

Deciding to be natural is one of the best decisions I ever made. Instead of big chopping, I decided to transition by slowing trimming off my ends. After about two years, my hair was completely natural and has been ever since.



Florida's humidity is a natural girl's worse friend. No matter how much products, gel, whatever – the humidity will manage to poof everything up, and Iose all curl definition. One way I've learned to combat this is leaving my hair twisted longer. As well, I check the weather every morning to ensure I'm not wearing my twist-out on a day of high humidity. However, protective styles has been my best friend. Rather than worrying about my hair style being humidified, I can hide away for a few weeks!

Always Hot!


If you think FL is hot now, try walking around with a black puff on your head collecting all the energy of the sun. This can be a good thing, like during the one month a year it's cold. My head starts sweating before I can even feel how hot it is. Then they tell you to wash your hair every two weeks. Not this girl, try every week.



Bugs. I can't tell you how many times I have washed my hair, and seen a dead fly or mosquito fall out. It's absolutely disgusting, and the very reason I refuse to wear my hair out in any form during the summer. Suns out, thighs out, but my hair is not.

Sun Showers


Rain in Florida is completely unpredictable. The sun could be shining, birds singing, and then all of a sudden the sky releases a flood levels of rain right on you and your twist out. The one advantage is once my hair is try, it's an afro now, and I can work that too!

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