30 Things The World Wide Web Has Taught Me
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30 Things The World Wide Web Has Taught Me

Celebrating three decades of WWW.

30 Things The World Wide Web Has Taught Me
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It's what is used to get to places on the internet. Search engines, social media, online shopping, you name it. When using the internet, you usually type one letter three times to get there. That is www. An acronym for World Wide Web. Since next Tuesday is it's 30th birthday, here are 30 things it's taught me.

1. Vocabulary 

Whenever I hear a word I dont know the definition to or if I want to know other meanings to it, the internet is my go-to source.

2. When current events occurred

News changes rapidly. If I miss a story on TV or wondering when a certain event occurred, I usually google it.

3. How visually resourceful Youtube is 

When I'm bored or need to learn something visually, Youtube always has and will continue to be handy.

4. When and where the action is

Whether it's a concert, school event, The Jersey Shore, Disney World, New York, Los Angeles, and other places, social media has taught me this.

5. What happened to things

Almost everything comes and goes. If they don't, then they experience some type of change. Luckily, there are websites and journalists, who have this information.

6. Where people are now

Friends come and go. Peers eventually disperse. Sometimes, you never hear from them. Occasionally, we all wonder where they are? Where they went? Sometimes, what happened to them? Thanks to the internet, we can find answers to those questions.

7. What my grades are

Remember the days when report cards were on paper? How about when you had to wait until they were released, to see your grades? Thanks to the World Wide Web, those days are long gone.

8. Who my neighbors are

You don't need to knock on their door or meet them outside to know who lives next to you. You can get just type in www and pick a website where you can find people.

9. Demographics 

Whether it's a large city or a small community, if I plan to go somewhere or wonder what type of people live in places, I can just google its demographics.

8. Alumni that graduated from my school

Why just ask, when you can be the first to know simply by the touch of a button.

9. Email

The best professional way to communicate.

10. How to shop better

Before I head out to the store, I always research what it is I'm buying. Depending on the product, I like to know the price, where's the best place to buy it, and who has it in stock. Sometimes, I might even read reviews on it.

11. To think better

Educators are not the only ones to accredit for this. The World Wide Web has helped me think better as well. It's also taught me what is accurate and what's not.

12. What's open on holidays

Why use the phone, when you can just look online first? Sometimes, you might not even need to call.

13. History of famous people, places, and companies 

Whether it's a celeb, journalist, politician, activist, city, town, studio, network, or company, the World Wide Web is and forever will be my number one source. It's also helped me with my research for articles and even interviews.

14. Obituaries 

I might have began reading them in newspapers as a child. That doesn't mean I didn't learn more about them online.

15. Best ways to save time

This is something I taught myself by using the World Wide Web.

16. Best schools for my major

Applying and looking for colleges isn't always easy. Luckily, online research has helped.

17. There's options for everything 

Dating and streaming services, social media, and so much more, whether you want to meet someone, reconnect, or watch something, there's always an option.

18. Not everything lasts forever

Whether it's a professional sports transaction or a TV show cancellation, the World Wide Web has most certainly educated me that some things in life are only temporarily.

19. How to get places

Before GPS's were built into smartphones, Mapquest and Google Maps were the resource for directions.

20. Almost everything has a review

Comes in handy when your not sure if you want to try and buy something or go somewhere.

21. Ivy League school acceptance rates

As a child, my dream was to go to Princeton University. For years, I was told it's one of the hardest schools to get into. Then one day, I learned the acceptance rate for it along with other Ivy League. They are not high.

22. Enrollment at certain schools

Growing up, I always wondered what the enrollment was for my school along with others. One day, the World Wide Web taught me.

23. Salaries

The biggest factor many get concerned about when career hunting. With the power of search engines, I was able to get an idea of how much my first one might be.

24. Highways stretch from state to state

Just when you think they might end or change names... they don't. Some highways such as Route 1, stretch from New Hampshire to Florida and contain the same name all the way down. Others, you can continue to drive straight however, that doesn't mean they will continue to have the same name.

25. Camcorders, VHS Tapes, and CD players were not around prior to the late 70's-early 80's 

Before iPhones and DVD's, there were Camcorders, VHS Tapes, and CD Players. The three ways people filmed stuff, watched movies and listened to music. For the longest time, I thought that stuff was present in the 1950s. Ironically, I was wrong.

26. Google Flights is insanely cheap

Now when I want to book a trip, I know where to look.

27. Google is not the only internet search engine

If users are not happy with it, they can always head to Yahoo or Bing.

28. Where the closest retailers, restaurant chains, and small businesses are

Something I research at night or in my free time so I know where these things are when I'm an unfamiliar area.

29. When the Jewish holidays are

As an observer of them, it's helpful to know.

30. Concert and professional ticket prices rapidly vary

Can be both surprising and not surprising.

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