working out in the wintertime

The winter is notorious for making people sleepy and unmotivated. There's less light during the day and the cold weather is sometimes like a plague weighing down on your eyelids, making sleep the only answer. However, there are a bunch of fun ways to get moving and stay active even after the sun sets. They're actually enjoyable, which will make getting out of bed or the house to go, that much easier and fun! Grab a workout buddy and try one of these today!


Great for leaning out, burning out small muscles, toning, and a full body workout. There's reformer, which is done primarily laying down on a machine, and barre, which is done at a ballet barre. Both have little or no equipment, as it emphasizes the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises.


Most widely known by the mega-brand SoulCycle, spin classes are also gentle on muscles/tendons while giving you an intense sweat sesh!


This workout class is a combination of cardio and strength, with time being split between treadmill intervals and the rowing machine. There are variations of both the cardio and strength portion that will keep each class interesting and challenging!

Rock Climbing

Targeting your inner child (or monkey), this is a fun way to get a workout in and test your strength!


A great way to release anger in a productive and safe way, while getting your workout in. Blowing off steam never felt so good.


No matter if you have rhythm or not, this is a no-doubt fun workout without even feeling like it!

There are links to some of the major/well-known companies in each fitness industry listed in the article for you to get started asap!

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