Why You Should Spend More Money On Workout Gear
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10 Reasons It’s 100 Percent Worth Investing More Money Into Your Workout Clothes

Look good, feel good, perform good!

10 Reasons It’s 100 Percent Worth Investing More Money Into Your Workout Clothes

Whether you're new to working out or you've been at it for years, we clearly are all attracted to more expensive and high-quality clothes and equipment. That goes for anything, not just for workout gear, but is it really worth it to drop $50 on a new pair of leggings or that lifting belt you've had saved in your favorites for months now? Coming from someone who's done pretty much all types of workouts from HIIT, running, weight lifting, cardio and even CrossFit for a little bit. I can confidently say that I think using the right clothing and gear can completely change your mindset and performance of the workout.

You feel more confident about yourself


Have you ever put on your favorite tank top or those shorts you've been dying to wear? You feel amazing right? And you feel more empowered and confident while at the gym. Feeling insecure can really affect your workout. You want to be focused on the exercise you're doing, not if people are staring at you or not.

The right equipment can be a game changer

game changer

Depending on what exercises you're into, the right gear that's tailored towards it can make a workout so much more beneficial. For instance, buying shoes made for weight lifting can change your squat game for the better or running shows can improve your time a little bit. There are also things you just shouldn't skip out on like weight lifting belts or supplements.

You don't feel as sweaty


Most workout clothes are made of sweat-wicking, lightweight or naturally breathable material. This means you won't feel or look as nasty as you would in an old T-shirt when your workout is over.

Ladies, your leggings WILL be squat proof


There's nothing like getting some squats in at the gym and being scared if everyone can see right through your leggings. Places like Gymshark and Nike make their leggings out of great material so you won't have to worry about that and focus more on executing that squat.

They'll last you much longer


The great thing about paying for expensive workout clothes/gear is they'll last you much longer and you'll always be able to count on them. If you care for them properly, they can last you for years to come.

Comfort is key


Not only is confidence key, but so is comfort. You want to be in clothes that you don't have to tug at or readjust every time you do a workout. I never have to worry about my Gymshark or Lululemon leggings giving me a wedgie or the waistband moving because they're made for exercising.

Athleisure wear is a thing, people


Someone, somewhere thought it was necessary to have a genre of clothing that is acceptable to wear to the gym, then your afternoon meeting, to your coffee date and I'm totally here for it. For instance, I wear my workout stuff to class and meetings all the time because it's fashionable and appropriate, yet comfortable. It makes me feel better about the price tag because I'm not just wearing it to work out in.

It makes it easier to fit working out in your schedule

busy schedule

You don't have to run home solely to put your workout clothes on and then go to the gym. In athleisure wear or great quality workout clothes, you don't feel exposed or naked in them so you can easily run some errands and go straight to the gym.

Your knockers need the support ladies/gentlemen...

jump rope

There's a huge difference between a $10 sports bra from Forever 21 and a $35 sports bra from Nike. You want to feel secure when you're working out and not all over the place. Let's be honest, cardio can get uncomfortable and painful real quick. This is one item of clothing that you should not skip out on in my opinion. To all of the men out there, no one wants to see you rearranging your junk every five minutes. Two words: compression shorts/leggings, buy them!

You're excited to work out

excited exercise

We all get excited to try out new things we just bought. When you buy new workout clothes or equipment, you're going to be so excited to try it out. This can have a positive impact on your workout. My philosophy has always been if it gets me to the gym, then I'm going to do it.

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