6 Things Everyone Working Retail During The Holidays Knows

6 Things Everyone Working Retail During The Holidays Knows

Not every customers is going to be pleased with your services.

To all my fellow retail workers who can relate, I recently started working in retail and it is my first job working in retail. This job appeals to people and others not so much. I can not account for the many people who find it appealing. I for one do not typically enjoy it and the one thing I hate most is working retail during holidays. The herds of people who trample in to do last minute shopping or the herd of people that come in daily. The constant feeling of being rushed to help customers and the long hours you work with no recognition of the hard work you pulled off can be upsetting at the end of the day. These are the struggles of working in retail during a holiday.

1. Constant lines of people waiting to be helped.

If you work in retail and have worked holidays you know what I am talking about. The questions never end and the line of people at the registers never seem to end either.

2. "Where is ___________?"

The late shoppers who come in looking for a particular item that we did carry a week ago but since they are shopping the day before the holiday of course we are out! What did you expect?

3. When the customer cannot find the item that was right in front of their face...

I mean come on, there are only four aisles of seasonal merchandise and you're asking me where something is that was right in front of your face. Slow your roll and take your time. Life is not a rush.

4. When the customer has an attitude because they had to wait for help.

I am only one person and I cannot simply help more than one person at once. Be patient and I will be patient when I help you. It is not just you who needs help.

5. A customer has 6 separate transactions

One of the busiest times of the year and you choose to do this now? I feel bad for myself for being put through this but also for all the customers waiting in line... "Sorry about that".

6. Telling the customer that we are out but they still want you to get another employee just to make sure...

Customers make no sense, if we tell you it's out then it's out. The next employee will tell you the same, nothing will change in the couple seconds it takes me to find someone else.

So to my fellow retail workers, good luck this next holiday and I hope you make it out stress free, but maybe that is asking for too much. Just remember to remain calm because you do in fact need this job and you can not afford to lose it. So with that in mind just know that you are not the only one dealing with this nonsense. As much as the customers ask ridiculous questions and many do not believe you, it is okay because what matters is you tried to help. Not every customer is going to be pleased with your services. So happy next holiday retail workers hope its as much fun for you as it was for me.

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An Introvert's guide to Starkville, Mississippi

How to avoid people and still have all of the quirk and charm of Mississippi's College Town, without all the hassle.


Let's be real with each other, okay? Starkville is a town of quirky, hole in the wall shops and restaurants that can sometimes feel like a minefield of awkward social interaction if you have yet to be shown the ropes.

1. Shopping

When you are a student, it's rare to have enough room in your budget to do much anything else than watch Netflix and go to class, but on the rare occasion there are a few shops like Deep South Pout, The Lodge, Book Mart and Cafe, Aspen Bay, and Giggleswick that let you do your own casual thing.

Often times I just go to these stores to walk around, look, and just get my "human interaction" for the day. The shop workers tend to not bother you or ask too many questions, which is nice. And on the occasion that you have to leave your dorm or apartment to go get groceries, Neighborhood Market down 12 is much better and less frequent than the "big Walmart" near 25.

2. The Cotton District

Bin 612- Personally, I love a good mid-day chill here. Nothing is better than hanging out with your friends on the patio sharing a few orders of cheese fries and talking about life. What I wish I had been told earlier: The truffle cheese fries or the Buffalo Chicken cheese fries are the best and the patio is the most empty around 5 pm.

The Klaas Room- This place is good to go if you're looking to have a nice time for cheap. Me and two friends go there around six or seven pm, order a large Walk of Shame Pizza (ranch and buffalo chicken) and a mimosa tower (three liters of vodka, champagne, and orange juice) and the whole thing ends up totaling around $45 before tip. You can leave full, a little drunk, and happy for less than $20. There's also a sweet dog that comes there, her name is Luna and shes the best girl. 10/10 loves to be petted.

City Bagel- City Bagel is a great and somewhat hidden gem. My favorite part about this joint is that the owner is super nice, and sometimes even works the counter on Sunday mornings. The menu-board walks you through how to order, step by step, but it is hard to get something that's bad. The coffee is spectacular and the Italian Nights are even better. Bonus points for having the WiFi written out near the register so you don't have to have that super awkward conversation.

3. Activities

Jilly Beams Pail of Paint- This is a super cute pottery painting place near The Lodge. The staff there is very kind and helpful, but for sure will leave you alone if you look like you are keeping to yourself and not like actively on fire. Plus, you get a fun mug and some memories out of the experience.

The Refuge- To me, The Refuge is the ultimate spot for a unplug and unwind. There are a ton of walking trails, places to fish, and places to hang your hammock to just relax. I like to drive out there, sit on the edge of one of the long piers/boardwalks, turn on some music, and just reflect on things. It's also an amazing place to study for finals or dive into God's Word.

Starkville Community Market- Now, I know that this is just because I'm hopeless when it comes to living out my dreams of being that girl who reads a lot of books, goes to farmers markets and drinks enough water (LOL), but the Starkville Community Market is actually so precious. Imagine if a crafts fair and a farmers market had a baby. Then showed off that baby on Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights (helloooooo twinkly lights). It is the perfect place to walk around, get exposed to local businesses, and buy fresh produce that isn't from the side of the road.

Cotton District Arts Festival- Usually held on Super Bulldog Weekend, The CDAF is when the entire cotton district shuts down, from the bridge to Stromboli's to host a craft fair. Local artisans, painters, and businesses come out to really give a taste of Stark. Daves Dark Horse even brings their own portable wood-fired pizza oven. Even though there are major crowds, it is worth it. (like YES pet parade) There are also amazing deals to be gotten, I got six hand pressed bath bombs with natural essential oils for like $25! And they were HUGE.

4. Fancy Resturants

Veranda- This is my absolute favorite place to go in Starkville. The wait staff is almost invisible, but somehow your glass never goes empty. I like to go on a Monday night when I don't have to get dressed up but I can still feel like I fit in. The Cajun Tenders are to DIE FOR, and so is the gorgonzola salad, blackberry margarita, and the creme brulee.

Harvey's- This is like the quintessential date night spot. At first, I was really intimidated by the atmosphere and the fact that it was the only place in town Megan Mullen knew when her husband got the head coaching job, but on a Tuesday night, I got dragged in by my sister and her boyfriend and thank goodness I did. Somehow my shorts and t-shirt didn't feel so out of place. My personal recommendation is the Pimms Cup (21+) and the cajun chicken pasta. SO GOOD. And bonus points for having the table lights be made out of cowbells.

Cover Image Credit:

Shelbie Britt


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5 Reasons I Am Not Ashamed To Be Addicted To Target

Target is the love of my life and I am not afraid to admit it.

I'm not even going to try and beat around the bush here. Everyone has experienced love at first sight when shopping at Target. They have everything that your little heart could want under one giant roof. The long aisles of glorious goodies are packed full of happiness. Target will never fail you. You will always feel surrounded by hugs when pushing the big, red cart through each magical aisle. Come along with me and discover five reasons why Target is my best friend.

1. The snacks in the food court suck you in.

They know ahead of time that you are going to be trapped in the store for hours, and obviously, you’re going to get hungry. So it’s a no-brainer that you have to go grab a slushy and a bag of popcorn while you glide effortlessly through the stores while shopping for your favorite things ever. This can be such a dangerous duo, but it is the best.

2. Target is so wallet-friendly it's not even funny.

You're probably laughing at this one, but see, the thing is everything is so cheap that you feel the need to buy it all. So it's not necessarily that it's not wallet-friendly, it's just that you lack self-control, but really though, do you even have a problem with this issue? I didn't think so. You need everything that you have picked out.

3. It houses everything that you could ever need.

Even if you don't think you need something, you do. Target is there to remind you that your life isn't complete without that rose gold mug or that dumb makeup pallet that you just have to have. Don't even hesitate, grab a cart and get started.

4. Everyone is silently cheering for you.

You may have come to Target alone, but once you roll past the automatic doors there is a fan club waiting for you. As you conquer each department, there is another one around the corner cheering you on. Come on, you can do it! Pick out everything that you love and pack it in your cart.

5. It's the best hangout spot ever.

hot dog halloween GIF

I'm embarrassed to admit how many countless hours I have spent doing literally nothing productive in the store. The most dangerous thing to do to yourself is to enter a Target without an agenda. Usually, you will get caught up in the Halloween aisle making your friend try on all of the most fashionable costumes.

So there you have it. I am a Target addict and I am happy to admit it. Target is always there for me. It soothes my aching heart and compresses the stress when needed. Let's get real, everyone has a little Target addiction down in their soul. Some are just careful to unleash the power.

Cover Image Credit: Charlie Deets

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