6 Things Everyone Working Retail During The Holidays Knows

6 Things Everyone Working Retail During The Holidays Knows

Not every customers is going to be pleased with your services.

To all my fellow retail workers who can relate, I recently started working in retail and it is my first job working in retail. This job appeals to people and others not so much. I can not account for the many people who find it appealing. I for one do not typically enjoy it and the one thing I hate most is working retail during holidays. The herds of people who trample in to do last minute shopping or the herd of people that come in daily. The constant feeling of being rushed to help customers and the long hours you work with no recognition of the hard work you pulled off can be upsetting at the end of the day. These are the struggles of working in retail during a holiday.

1. Constant lines of people waiting to be helped.

If you work in retail and have worked holidays you know what I am talking about. The questions never end and the line of people at the registers never seem to end either.

2. "Where is ___________?"

The late shoppers who come in looking for a particular item that we did carry a week ago but since they are shopping the day before the holiday of course we are out! What did you expect?

3. When the customer cannot find the item that was right in front of their face...

I mean come on, there are only four aisles of seasonal merchandise and you're asking me where something is that was right in front of your face. Slow your roll and take your time. Life is not a rush.

4. When the customer has an attitude because they had to wait for help.

I am only one person and I cannot simply help more than one person at once. Be patient and I will be patient when I help you. It is not just you who needs help.

5. A customer has 6 separate transactions

One of the busiest times of the year and you choose to do this now? I feel bad for myself for being put through this but also for all the customers waiting in line... "Sorry about that".

6. Telling the customer that we are out but they still want you to get another employee just to make sure...

Customers make no sense, if we tell you it's out then it's out. The next employee will tell you the same, nothing will change in the couple seconds it takes me to find someone else.

So to my fellow retail workers, good luck this next holiday and I hope you make it out stress free, but maybe that is asking for too much. Just remember to remain calm because you do in fact need this job and you can not afford to lose it. So with that in mind just know that you are not the only one dealing with this nonsense. As much as the customers ask ridiculous questions and many do not believe you, it is okay because what matters is you tried to help. Not every customer is going to be pleased with your services. So happy next holiday retail workers hope its as much fun for you as it was for me.

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Must-Have Student Discounts You Probably Don't Know About

There are so many places you can save money just by being a student.

When you think of college, you envision no money, a place where everyone's broke. Luckily, I'm providing you with a list of discounts for many stores, websites, etc. Just make sure you are providing proof (student ID).


Alex and Ani

10% off in-store and online.

American Eagle and Aerie

10% off in-store.


10% off full-priced products.


35% off!!


10% online for products priced at the full value.


15% off in-store and online.

Kate Spade

I know it's not clothing, but I figured I'd throw it in... 15% off when you present your ID!


15% off in-store and online.


15% off when you present your ID.


15% off when you register.

Steve Madden

10% off in store with valid ID.


10% cash back on shoes, and you also give a pair to a child in need and free shipping.


10% off in stores and online.



10% off at select locations.

Buffalo Wild Wings

10% off at select locations with student ID present.

Burger King

10% off at select locations.


Free drink with a meal purchase.


At select locations you can get a free small drink with a meal purchase.

Dairy Queen

10% off at select locations.


10% off at select locations.


Free drink for students who present ID at checkout.


10% off your sub at select locations.

Taco Bell

10% off at select locations.


Many cell phone carriers, computer stores, and car insurance companies offer many discounts to students. Check with your car insurance and phone carriers for the discounts they hold for students.


Students can save up to $300 on MacBooks, and during select times you can get a free pair of Beats wireless headphones.

Apple Music

$4.99 a month for students, AND you can get a 3-month free trial.


AT&T offers student discounts just by validating your student email.


Dell University is a program that offers student discounts, including a $150 coupon.


10% of Surface devices for students.


Sony Education Store offers 10% discounts to college students.


$4.99 a month for students.

Happy savings!!

Cover Image Credit: pixabay.com

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