Words To The Social Media Generation: Keep Doing What You're Doing

Words To The Social Media Generation: Keep Doing What You're Doing

Sorry, but we won't stop advancing.

The older generations try to shame us into thinking that using our phones and connecting with others through means of social media is wrong. You should never tweet out what you are thinking, never ever post a selfie on Instagram, quit making live videos of your adventures, and definitely stop snapchatting your friends. My response to that is no. With all due respect to the elder generations, why are we not allowed to use what technology is relevant? Why are we being shamed for being a part of our generation? This is all quite unfair.

Each generation had its own type of technology, and maybe I am just unaware of the tech-shaming they received, but why can’t we revel in our newest findings? We have the ability, now more than ever, to make and keep connections with people, all over the world. How cool is that? Did you ever think that maybe we could be the next peacemakers? Making all these connections and keeping them strong makes us more versed in world culture than most of the generations before us. We have the abilities to research anything we want. While some things may not be the truth, we have the ability to search out and find what we need. And yes, we still do go to the library; it isn’t some empty room in our school withholding all the books. It allows us to network with other professionals and make better connections. I legitimately found out about this internship with Odyssey through a Facebook page the application was shared on. I otherwise would not have had such an amazing opportunity given to me, being from a very small town.

Over the years, each generation seemed to have their own thing. From short haircuts and risky dancing to literally leaving home to do drugs and live a free life, but why is this any different? Isn’t it much safer than some of the iconic symbols that came from some generations?

I think we should take full control of what we have available to us. We are a whole new generation that is able to develop brand new ways to use technology. From things as simple as keeping connected with friends and family to things larger than us, like medical advances, why should we stop evolving? I do not see a reason to tell us we are wrong for being in love with social media. For me, I’ve gained confidence in myself, the ability to form posts and emails in a professional manner, and have created amazing connections I otherwise never would have had the chance to make.

So what if I want a few likes on my selfie to make me feel a little better about myself? I don't see why a little confidence boost is such a bad thing. So what if tweeting sad song lyrics helps my bad day out a little bit? I don't see why there's anything wrong with a little release. So what I like to live video the adventures of my hike? I want to include my friends in on my fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. And as for my 200 day streak, I don't see what is wrong with staying connected to one of my best friends I never get to see. We got pretty lucky to be able to keep in contact with so many people, and meet so many people because of social media. I never would've gotten to be really close with my best friend because our friendship started over talking on Snapchat. I know I am not alone on any of these things. I know there are thousands, if not millions, of other people around my age that feel the same way.

So, keep taking selfies, documenting your trips, and discovering new ways to connect with people from all over. We are the generation of technology and we have the chance to evolve it. Take your social media and run with it, create iconic things. Use technology in the best ways possible and keep advancing forward. Don’t take no for an answer. Let’s make this our positive mark on the world.
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Social Media Is Causing Problems With Our Social Skills

When people care more about followers than about each other, something is wrong…

Do you care whatever you do?
Do you care wherever you go?
Do you care whomever you meet?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr. There are countless apps, sites, and programs which let you enter the realm of social media. And I know, social media is important, I get it.

Without social media, this article wouldn’t find its readers. Without social media, my family on the other side of the globe wouldn’t be able to follow my stories on my blog. Without social media, people couldn’t get in touch with each other so fast and easy. I’m not denying any of it. But tell me, does social media make us more social? How is it possible that we live in a lonely world although we have the Internet to connect us with the whole world?

Pardon me if I sound harsh, but don’t you have the impression that in today’s society people care more about followers than about people?

Don’t you, too, realise that young adults care more about increasing their likes on Instagram than about pushing themselves to better results in school and university? Don’t you think that we constantly care more about our phones in the hands than about the guy we’re sitting next to in class, or the friend with whom we travel, or the family with whom we dine?

Maybe you think I’m exaggerating, but I have the impression that people do not care. We do not care. I do not care enough. I don’t care enough about what I say without thinking. About whom I hurt. About how to make someone else’s life a little easier. Sometimes I do not even care enough about myself.

But I should care. You should care. We should care.

About people. About words. About history. You should care about that kid you sit next to in French class. And about your Mum who worries about you. And about your teachers who are trying their best to provide you with education. We should care about all the things that seem tiring and not fun. About our responsibility as citizens, partners, children. About our world and about ourselves. For we are as much part of this society as everyone else is.

Living in a society means to care for each other, rely on each other, trust each other. It’s impossible to create those feelings and foster them without undivided attention to your neighbour and real-life socialising.

Don’t throw your phone away. Don’t delete your Facebook account. (You wouldn’t do it anyways, would you? :D) But switch them off from time to time. You care for the world surrounding you when you look up from your screen while traveling. You care for your friends and family when you put your phone away while eating in a restaurant. And finally, you care about your society when you learn how to use your device to make a difference in the world. It's not about the followers you earn. Let it be about the content you put out there and about the one you take in. Care!

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Social Media Gets A Bad Rep For Not Being Genuine, But It's All About What You Make It

Social media can be a beautiful platform to relate and inspire and share real life.

So many of us girls are convinced social media is fake. We see fake tans, airbrushed skin, insane edits and the list goes on. People silently judge each other from behind their screens. Our time becomes consumed in insecurities, judging, and attempting to gain approval by the social media world.

But what if we made social media genuine? What if we admired beauty beyond the selfie? What if we talked like we do with our friends, express our opinions, hobbies, doubts, and failures just as much as we share our "perfect" days and accomplishments. What if we danced cause we like to dance? What if we went and met the people we've spent years getting to know and talking with over a screen?

Is that even possible?

Yes. I say yes. We can make social media genuine. We can dance and talk and share authenticity and realness and rawness. We can post unedited selfies and home videos of our regular daily lives. But do we want to? Do we want to show the world who we really are? Are we proud of who we are and what we stand for? Is our confidence found in the likes or is it found in the belief that we're truly sons and daughters of Jesus Christ?

It's a personal choice and a conscious choice. But in my opinion - social media can be a beautiful platform to relate and inspire and share REAL. LIFE. If you let it be that of course. And that's exactly what I tend on doing.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Aaron

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