Why Women Take So Long To Get Ready
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Why Women Take So Long To Get Ready

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Why Women Take So Long To Get Ready

Why does it take women so terribly long to get ready? This is the question every man asks themselves in their lifetime at one point or another. Trust me, whether he is married, someone's boyfriend, or even someone's little brother, that thought will cross his mind eventually. Now being a woman, I know from personal experience that it does take me a rather long time to get ready. I'm aware of that. No need to sugar coat it. What men don't understand is how many different tasks go into the process of getting ready that requires so much of our time. That's why I'm here. Let me enlighten you, men, on exactly what women are doing to get ready, and why it feels like hours pass before they are eventually ready to go.

First, the shower. Personally, I am always getting complaints about how long it takes me in the shower. Sorry I can't shampoo and condition my hair, shave my legs and armpits, wash my face, and wash my entire body all in ten minutes or less. My bad. Girls put in a lot of work to get clean in the shower. Do you know why women always smell so nice and clean? Long showers. There's your answer. Also, did I mention perfume?

Second, our skin. We all wish we could have flawless, smooth skin, but the unfortunate reality is that not everyone has that. Therefore, we apply lots of creams and lotions to our face to moisturize and heal our skin. It's very important in keeping our skin healthy and glowing, and it's not just for our looks.

Third, make up. Right now I'm sure you're imagining the inside of Ulta or Sephora with the rows and rows of foundation brands and skin tone choices available. You can picture the rainbow of eye shadow colors being displayed next to an abundance of mascara and eye liner options. Different shades of lipstick line the walls and isles waiting to be held up next to a customer's skin to see if its the perfect match. Now, imagine all of that shrunk down to a very small miniature and that is a woman's cosmetic bag. With all those choices, how can you expect a women to be able to choose, much less apply, all that in a short amount of time? Exactly. It's practically impossible.

Fourth, hair. Once again, there are many options to choose from, and choosing the right one could take all day. Just kidding, but it will take at least a solid five to ten minutes to pick a hair style. Then most likely she'll change her mind and try a different style instead. There are tons of choices like putting it up, leaving it down, or even half up and half down. Then there is the question of straightening the hair, curling the hair, or leaving it all natural. Different headbands and hair clips are something to not take lightly, either.

Fifth, the outfit. In my opinion, before even thinking about an outfit to wear, every woman should check the weather. You can't pick out an outfit if you're not sure if it'll rain or be windy that day. It's impossible! Next, is there an occasion? Is she trying to look nice for a certain someone or is she just wanting to be comfy? Another huge part of an outfit is shoes. They have to match, of course, and I'm not just talking color. It's important to have the style of the shoe match the style of the outfit, too. Most times there is more than one choice of shoe, so that requires even more time to decide which one looks best. Decisions, decisions.

Finally, a woman has to double check everything. Is the hair going to stay in place? Does she really want to wear this outfit and not the other one she had picked out to wear? They just want to be absolutely sure before announcing that they are finally ready to go.

Now, men, do you understand why it takes women so long to get ready? It's not just because we are slow; we have a lot to do!

And, women, the next time he complains about you taking so long to get ready, just remember that when you're done, you're going to look phenomenal. Also, if he continues to complain, just have him read this article and then maybe he'll understand and appreciate all the hard work you put in to get ready everyday. Take your time, ladies! You look beautiful!

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